the nj p 3 teacher certificate program n.
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The NJ P-3 Teacher Certificate Program PowerPoint Presentation
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The NJ P-3 Teacher Certificate Program

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The NJ P-3 Teacher Certificate Program

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The NJ P-3 Teacher Certificate Program

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  1. The NJ P-3 Teacher Certificate Program For Graduate Students At New Jersey City University

  2. What is P-3? • P-3 is the newest certification in the State of NJ. • The certification allows teachers to teach in any Preschool through grade 3 classroom in NJ

  3. Who needs P-3 certification? • Anyone who would like to teach in a preschool setting in an Abbott district classroom

  4. Wait! What is an Abbott Classroom????? • Thirty of the states poorest districts are mandated by law, to provide free preschool • The court case that this came out of is called Abbott vs. Burke • The classrooms in these districts are referred to as Abbott classrooms

  5. Where are these Abbott district Classrooms? • The Public Schools • Contracted Early Childhood Centers • Other Contracted Community Programs

  6. So why the P-3? • The court ruling required these classrooms to be lead by state certified teachers, with a specialization in early childhood education • P-3 was born!

  7. How do I receive P-3 Certification? • Complete an undergraduate P-3 teacher Certification Program at a NJ 4-year accredited College or University or • Complete a NJ approved Post-Baccalaureate/Certificate/Graduate program

  8. What is this Alternate Route I hear so much about? • The Alternate Route is for those candidates typically not in the education field • They hold a bachelors degree with a liberal arts or science major, graduated with a 2.75 GPA, and pass a state test.

  9. What’s the difference between Alternate Route and Traditional Students? • Traditionally prepared teacher candidates do a student teaching field experience as part of their Undergraduate or Graduate Program • Alternate Route Graduate Candidates substitute mentored on-the-job experience for the student teaching experience

  10. Why pursue the P-3?? • P-3 certified teachers are in high demand • Child Care centers contracted with the Abbott districts, are also mandated to provide p-3 teachers • Salary should be commensurate with the districts salaries

  11. How do I enroll into the P-3 Certificate Program at NJCU? • Graduate with your B.A. or B.S. in a Liberal Arts/or Science Major and 2.75 GPA • Apply to NJCU as a Graduate Student

  12. Why a Liberal Arts Major???? • The state of NJ does not provide for a single major in education • All teacher candidates must first choose a liberal arts major, and then add early childhood as a secondary or second major

  13. What are the Liberal Arts Majors? • Art, Biology,Chemistry, Clinical Laboratory Sciences, Computer Science,Economics, English, Geoscience/Geography, History, Mathematics, Media Arts, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Languages

  14. How many credits for Certification? • Alternate Route Candidates complete 15 credits of graduate coursework, alongside an early childhood work experience • Traditional Candidates complete 30 credits of early childhood coursework, which includes student teaching

  15. Can these credits be applied to a Masters Degree? • YES! • Coursework from either route is applicable to a Masters Degree in Early childhood Education from NJCU

  16. Can I transfer Graduate Early Childhood Credits to NJCU? • Yes • Early Childhood Graduate Coursework from an accredited institution of Higher Education will be evaluated for transfer compatibility

  17. How many credits can I transfer? • The state of NJ allows up to six credits to be transferred into a major

  18. Do I need to complete the P-3 program before I get a job teaching?? • With a B.A./B.S., Liberal Arts Major, and a 2.75 GPA, P-3 Candidates can apply to the state for a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) • That CE allows teacher candidates to be hired by an Abbott school district, prior to completion of the program

  19. What are the requirements for graduation with the p-3 certification? • You must graduate with no less than a 2.75 grade point average • You must pass a state test • You must have the liberal arts undergraduate major

  20. Do I get a standard license after all of that? • To receive a standard license, a teacher candidate must first complete a provisional teaching year in the school they are employed in. • They must be assigned a mentor for that year

  21. Then do I get the standard license? • After that year, a recommendation for standard licensing from the mentor and the principal is submitted to the state • The teacher then applies to the state for the standard license

  22. Am I done? Is it mine forever to keep? • Teachers in the state of NJ are required to earn 100 hours of professional development every five years to maintain their license

  23. What a lot of Work! But Ohhhh Worth it!!!