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How to Teach T hinking Skills Within the Standards

How to Teach T hinking Skills Within the Standards. High Tech, High Touch, High Thought, 21 st Century Classrooms. Robin Fogarty, PhD. Robin Fogarty & Associates robinfogarty.com. Agenda. 8:30AM-11:45AM Teaching Thinking Talk-through - Explicit Teaching

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How to Teach T hinking Skills Within the Standards

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  1. How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Standards High Tech, High Touch, High Thought, 21st Century Classrooms Robin Fogarty, PhD Robin Fogarty & Associates robinfogarty.com

  2. Agenda 8:30AM-11:45AM Teaching Thinking Talk-through-Explicit Teaching 11:45AM-12:45PM-Lunch 12:30PM-3:15PM Walk-Through-Classroom Content Lesson Drive-Through-Performance Task 3-Tier Lesson-Step Book Closure and Transfer

  3. High Tech High Touch High Thought High Tech High Touch High Thought

  4. Meet and Greet

  5. High Tech High Touch High Thought High Tech High Touch High Thought

  6. Optimize Student Feedbackpolleverywhere.com …and you Inform your Instructional Practices

  7. Poll Everywhere The best way to raise instructional rigor is with…(1-5 high)

  8. Poll Everywhere 1. Academic language 2. Peer-partner dialogues 3. Projects, performances 4. Open-ended questions 5. Talk-aloud reasoning

  9. Poll Everywhere

  10. Different Brains,Different Learners . Most Difficult to Differentiate Developing Advanced Struggling SpNeeds EL

  11. Standards

  12. A standard is a standard is a standard!

  13. A Metaphor

  14. Standards Curriculum Instruction “My error would be that I confused ingredients for dinner with dinner itself.”

  15. Common Core Standards Traditional Standards Indiana State Standards A Standard is a Standard is a Standard!

  16. S 3 Musketeers ERVE & V olley

  17. Partner # 1 A/D with Message (share 1 reason) Partner #2 Compare their opinion to yours. Partner #3 Summarize both comments into one sentence.

  18. Selfies

  19. Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year 2013 SELFIE selfienoun, informal
(also selfy; plural selfies) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website

  20. 5 Steps to Take a Good Selfie: Get in the spotlight Frame the subject Avoid ‘photobombers’ Keep the background interesting Apply some effects

  21. Take a Selfie

  22. Create “Selfie” of Group Send toRobin Email robin@robinfogarty.com

  23. High Tech High Touch High Thought High Tech High Touch High Thought Scale 1-10? Comment

  24. Big Picture

  25. Common Core State Standards 48 States 2 Territories & DC 13 Grades (K-12) 1,432 Standards 44,873 Words 7 Seven Skill Sets

  26. High Tech High Touch High Thought High Tech High Touch High Thought

  27. How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Common Core 7 Key Student Proficiencies of the New National Standards

  28. 7 Proficiencies Critical Thinking Creative Thinking Complex Thinking Comprehensive Thinking Collaborative Thinking Communicative Thinking Cognitive Transfer

  29. 7 KeyProficiencies

  30. Syllabus of Seven Critical Thinking – AnalysisEvaluateProblem Solving Creative Thinking – GenerateAssociateHypothesize Complex Thinking – ClarifyInterpretDetermine Comprehensive Thinking – UnderstandInferCompare/ Collaborative Thinking – ExplainDevelopDecide Communicative Thinking – ReasonConnectRepresent Cognitive Transfer – SynthesizeGeneralizeApply

  31. Mapping the Thinking Skills Based on the formative/summative data for your grade level, department or core team. Rate the top four thinking skills that you think your students can benefit from the most. What thinking skill would you start with first, etc.? 1st Quarter ___________ 2nd Quarter ___________ 3rd Quarter ___________ 4th Quarter ___________ Targeted Thinking Skills __ Analyze __ Evaluate __ Problem Solve __ Generate __ Associate __ Hypothesize __ Clarify __ Interpret __ Determine __ Understand __ Infer __ Compare __ Explain __ Develop __ Decide __ Reason __ Connect __ Represent __ Synthesize __ Generalize __ Apply

  32. Teach Thinking Skills Within the Common Core-Bellanca, Fogarty, and Pete. Using this book as a guide for our coaches and using the 21st Century Partnership four C’s here is the breakdown of chapters; Section  1 – Critical Thinking                 Chapter 1 – Analyze                 Chapter 2 – Evaluate                 Chapter 3 – Problem Solve Section 2 – Creative Thinking                 Chapter 4 – Generate                 Chapter 5 – Associate                 Chapter 6 – Hypothesize Section 5 – Collaborative Thinking                 Chapter  13 – Explain                 Chapter 14 – Develop                 Chapter 15 – Decide Section 6 – Communicative Thinking                 Chapter 16 – Reason                 Chapter 17 – Connect Chapter 18 – Represent If we used these as guides to our curriculum and instruction Across content areas and grade level, it would give us three weeks on each topic area. Principal: Kirk Baurmeister Estancia HS Mesa, Ca

  33. Compare Contrast #6 Reflection ELA Compare and Contrast Novel/Poem SS Compare and Contrast Cultures SCIENCE Compare and Contrast 5 Senses MATH Compare and Contrast Patterns Interdisciplinary Model

  34. Three Phase Model

  35. Three-Phase Model Gradual Release of Responsibility Vygotsky


  37. Talk Through Teacher-Directed Explicit Teaching Lesson Teacher Takes Center Stage

  38. Walk Through Teacher-Guided Classroom Application Lessons Teacher/Student Together

  39. Drive Through Student Directed Independent-Performance Task Student Takes the Wheel

  40. Make a Little Book Three Phase Model Explicit Teaching of Thinking Skills Name Date

  41. Talk Through Teacher -Directed

  42. Walk Through Classroom Application

  43. Drive Through Student Performance

  44. The New 3 Rs Rich Content Rigorous Thinking Real World Relevance

  45. Thinking Skill Compare Contrast

  46. Three-Phase Model: Explicit Teaching of a Thinking Skill


  48. Talk Through Common Core Standards

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