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Mobile Survey Devices Using the latest technology-based mobile devices to capture real-time Voice-of-the customer feedback

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  1. OPINIONMETER • MOBILE SURVEY DEVICES • Using the latest technology-based mobile devices • to capture real-time Voice-of-the customer feedback

  2. OPINIONMETER What are Mobile Survey Devices? • Web-enabled portable devices such as tablets, mobile phones • and personal digital assistants (PDAs). • Fully integrated with the web-based SurveyManager – a hosted feedback • management platform. • Capture customers’ decision processes, attitudes and satisfaction • feedback at the Point-of-Experience.

  3. OPINIONMETER The Importance of Point-of-Experience Surveying • Capture immediate, spontaneous feedback when and where the product or • services is experienced, not days or weeks later. • On-site, on-time, on demand surveying eliminates reporting delays and • provides immediate service recovery. • Allows low score satisfaction alerts to trigger instant response. • Surveys and media can be easily customized in the field for different • languages and target audiences • Voice, Photo, Video and Text capture of open-ended qualitative feedback • saves rekeying labor, minimizes errors. • Instant access to actionable data from anywhere.

  4. OPINIONMETER Mobile Tablet PC Survey Devices for Companies on the Move • Mobile Tablet Surveys applications • In-patient surveys • Airline passenger satisfaction • Trade show exhibitors & visitors • Customer service surveys • Intercept surveying • Mobile Tablet Survey Devices give you • Flexibility • Portability • Touch screen Multimedia & Multilingual Capabilities • Author once, deliver anywhere simplicity

  5. OPINIONMETER Rapid Surveying Response with PDA Handheld Devices • PDA Surveys give you • Extremely long battery life • Support for many handheld mobile platforms • Color touch screen with multimedia,multilanguage capability • Lightweight portability • On-site, on-time, on demand usability • Flexible connectivity options for real-time data transfer • PDA Surveys applications • Healthcare and patient surveys • Public opinion polling • Plane, train or ship passenger satisfaction • Conference, trade show feedback • In the field, remote location surveying

  6. OPINIONMETER Distribute Surveys Directly to Customers using Mobile Phone Surveys • Mobile Phone Surveys let you • Build mobile feedback communities • Invite loyal users to participate in feedback studies • Capture mobile feedback instantly onsite • Personalize the survey experience to each individual • Anytime, anywhere surveying capability • Record verbatim comments in the customer’s voice • Mobile Phone Surveys applications • Mystery Shopping data capture • Audience Response tool – real-time group feedback • In-store Point-of-Experience customer feedback • Social media communities committed to your brand

  7. OPINIONMETER Use SurveyManager to Design and Deploy Mobile Device Survey Programs • Use OMI question & response resource libraries • – or – • Write your own questions and responses • Simple, intuitive and easy to use • Web-based: No software needed to install SurveyManager • You control all management tasks to design, deploy and report data

  8. OPINIONMETER SurveyManager Report Features Standard Summary Reports Customer Satisfaction Scores Customized Reports Graphs and Charts within Reports Automated Reporting Templates

  9. OPINIONMETER SurveyManager Report Flexibility Trend Analysis Unlimited Cross Tabulation Filtering Variations During a Day Filtering: Segmenting Customers Relative Local Performance

  10. OPINIONMETER Opinionmeter Serves a Broad Spectrum of Industries Worldwide Workforce Education Transportation Retail Healthcare Hospitality Government Financial

  11. OPINIONMETER Mobile Device Surveys By Opinionmeter • Automated, real-time survey tools • Integrated with the latest technology in mobile device platforms and software • Invaluable customer insight captured at the Point-of-Experience • Immediate, actionable data available anywhere, anytime • Reports and data accessible from any Web browser • Easy, convenient and cost-effective

  12. OPINIONMETER Opinionmeter International, Ltd. 1-888-OPMETER www.opinionmeter.com

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