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do now today s title making assertions n.
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Do Now Today’s Title: Making Assertions PowerPoint Presentation
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Do Now Today’s Title: Making Assertions

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Do Now Today’s Title: Making Assertions
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Do Now Today’s Title: Making Assertions

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  1. Do NowToday’s Title: Making Assertions • In your notebook, get ready for a practice quiz: • Title: Practice Quiz for Citations • Number it #1-5

  2. #1 • What are citations? • A.) Writing in your paper that mentions fun facts about your topic. • B.) Quotations in your paper. • C.) A mention to a published source, which gives credit to that outside source, where you found your research. • D.) A web link that will take your reader to more information about your topic.

  3. #2 • When you paraphrase, you… • A.) restate outside sources and use it as your own in your paper • B.) restate a text or passage and give the meaning in another form, while still citing your source • C.) use quotation marks in your paper and cite the source you found the information from • D.) talk about the source you used in your paper

  4. #3 • Which of the following would be the correct bibliography form for a book: • A.) “Literature Review” by Judy Kagel. March 2002. • B.) Kagel, Judy. “Literature Review.” New York, March 2002. • C.) New York: March 2002, Judy Kagel. Literature Review. • D.) Kagel, Judy. Literature Review. New York: Prentice Hall, 2002.

  5. #4 • Which of the following is the correct way to cite an online source: • A.) Website Title. Day Month Year. <http://www....> • B.) Day Month Year. Website Title. • C.) Author, Website Title, Publisher. • D.) Website Title. <http://www...> Author.

  6. #5 • How do you cite an encyclopedia article? • A.) Date of Publication. “Title of Article,” Author. • B.) Title of Encyclopedia. Date of Publication. Author. • C.) “Title of Article.” Title of Encyclopedia. Edition. Date of Publication. • D.) You do not cite encyclopedias.

  7. Today’s Agenda!! • Glossary Builder • How to Make a Reasonable Assertion through Citations • Group Practice (Measuring Up!) • Partner Practice

  8. Glossary Builder • Assertion-a positive statement • Citation-excerpts or quotes from other works • the act of quoting a reference (can be a person, book, etc).

  9. Making an Assertion • Readers can believe a piece of writing is true IF it is backed up by accurate citations that SUPPORT facts in the text. • Remember, citations are quotes from other sources • Your job as a reader is to identify the citations, and use them to make an assertion about the text. • Let’s see an example of a citation in a paragraph…

  10. Citations Example Most students want the student council elections to go on as scheduled. An article in the school newspaper find that “The results of a poll show that 82% of students polled want the elections to happen on the originally scheduled date.” This is a citation, or quote. The purpose of the citation is to give more validity, or credibility, to the paragraph. For example, as a reader, we do not have to believe that most students want the elections to go on as scheduled; however, since the writer added a reliable quote, we can now believe him.

  11. So, how do we make an assertion based on a citation?? • In order to make a good statement based on a citation, there are three easy steps: • 1.) Decide what the author’s assertion is. (What is his/her main point). • 2.) Find citations in the passage that support the assertion. (The evidence, or supporting details). • 3.) Decide if the citations are from a reliable source (example: a friend making a statement versus a statement from a newspaper) • Let’s do an example together… This is similar to identifying the main idea and supporting details.

  12. What you should do… Assertion (What can you infer or conclude the author is saying?) Supporting Detail 1 (direct quotation) Supporting Detail 2 (direct quotation) • When you are asked to make an assertion, I would do this in your notebook or test. • It will help you organize your thoughts, and make sure you have the assertion and details (citations). • COPY THIS IN YOUR NOTEBOOK FOR OUR EXAMPLE!!

  13. Can someone please raise their hand and explain why this quote is not a good citation to support an assertion?? Example Assertion Chips seem to be a much more popular snack than pretzels. My friend said, “I cannot stand pretzels, plus they have too much salt.” I definitely agree with her. According to a study done in California, “76% of people prefer chips to pretzels.” Another poll in I found in the New York Times said that, “50% of people hate pretzels, and 80% prefer chips over pretzels.” The poll did not ask what type of chips people prefer, so these could be potato chips or tortilla chips; however, I can see that chips are more liked by far. One citation that supports the assertion. Can you find the assertion??

  14. Group Practice!! • We will complete a practice in the book that will really help you understand how to make a good assertion. • When you receive your workbook, please turn to page ____ • We will answer the short answer questions on page ____.

  15. Partner Practice • I will pass out a piece of paper that you will do with a partner. • You will read the passages, and then answer the questions in your notebook. 

  16. Let’s Read Our Class Novel!!

  17. Homework Reminder!! • Outline due: Wednesday, February 15 • Notebooks due: Wednesday, February 15 • Check the homework website for outline template and guidelines for research report