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  1. INVENTION The Prewriting Stage, continued

  2. GROUPING IDEAS First, you generate material for your essay. Second, you group ideas that belong together. This is clustering and outlining

  3. CLUSTERING Visually arranging ideas Where do ideas belong? Do I need more information? See how ideas fit together Narrow your paper’s topic even further See p. 41 for example

  4. INFORMAL OUTLINING Use as an alternative or follow-up to clustering Do NOT include all major divisions/subdivisions A list of major points in a tentative order See p. 43 for example

  5. UNDERSTANDINGTHESIS and SUPPORT After you group ideas, you develop a thesis A thesis is the main idea, your essay’s central point Thesis and Support is central to college writing State your thesis Develop ideas that explain and expand it Structure of essay (introduction, body, conclusion) is held together by the thesis

  6. DEVELOPING A THESISDefining THESIS STATEMENT: MORE than a title MORE than an announcement of your intent MORE than a statement of fact See p. 44-45

  7. What does a good thesis do? FOR WRITERS: Helps plan an essay Helps organize ideas in an essay Helps unify ALL of the ideas in an essay FOR READERS: Identifies the main idea of an essay Guides readers through the essay Clarifies the subject and the focus of an essay

  8. DEVELOPING A THESISDeciding Scope of assignment? Knowledge of the subject? Method of writing? TENTATIVE at this stage in the writing process

  9. DEVELOPING A THESISStating Include a one-sentence statement of thesis early in your essay EFFECTIVE THESIS STATEMENTS: Clearly expresses your essay’s main idea Communicates your essay’s purpose Is clearly worded

  10. DEVELOPING A THESISImplied Thesis Conveys an essay’s purpose Does not do it explicitly Selection and arrangement of the essay’s ideas suggest the purpose More useful in narratives, descriptions, and some arguments Most college writing SHOULD include a thesis 