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STAT Transcriptions

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STAT Transcriptions

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STAT Transcriptions

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  1. STAT Transcriptions May 01 2005

  2. STAT Transcriptions Profile We are Healthcare BPO with Transcription and Coding services. What Are Our Capabilities Who we are Why You Should Consider us? • Top notch management team in place in India with 5+ years hands on experience in managing multiple Healthcare processes. • Our core business is Medical Transcription and we would like being a one-stop shop for all medical transcription needs for practicing doctors. • Based in Houston, Texas and Delhi, India. • Leased facility for 50+ people • 24x7 operations • Infrastructure: Extendable team of virtual employees in MT. • A qualified management team and stable financial resources make sure that the team of transcribers, editors, and technicians are in sync with the objectives of the company and thus are able to ensure that the highest standards of services are offered to our clients. • Training Capabilities: Ability to train 10-15 MTs every month • Retention Tools: Given the high attrition rates, we’ve strong non-hiring agreement with other firms around Delhi/NCR. We also focus on Employee Engagement activities • Quality Measures: We use 6-sigma based tools to monitor and maintain our quality • Strong Capabilities to service large volumes and retain employees • Strong management Team in India to oversee client relationship and Operations • Ability to leverage Billing and Coding capability. • 24/7/365 support

  3. Electronic Management of Transcription Records We are a Medical/Business Transcription firm, having offices in Delhi and United States with 5+ years of management experience in the Medical Transcription Industry We transcribe for multiple specialties and types of notes. We have staff experience in all the facilities both in transcription and billing services. Our Company Benefits • This company, started by a group of experienced MT's with the ideology of providing quality transcription services giving attention to each and every customer with a special care. As the company is governed by highly experienced MT's it becomes our responsibility to set the accuracy at high standards. • We are HIPAA Compliant. We use secure, encrypted forms of official communication Flexible dictation method • We work with Digital Dictaphones and also work with outside service providers to setup toll-free numbers Online system to upload / download Fast turnaround with excellent Quality • Within 8-12 hrs the physician get access to a transcribed reports through FTP, or Fax • Excellent Quality (98.5% + based on AAMT) • Bi-weekly Line count for transparency • Electronics Archiving with files named on Patient names

  4. Next Steps STAT Transcriptions offers electronics access and management of transcribed records  (1) Physician treats patient meet. Physician uses Coding sheets / Encounter forms to provide procedure / diagnosis done (from multiple locations) Key Benefits • Online System to Upload/ Download • Competitive Pricing per line with electronic management • Bi-weekly line count report  (2) Office uses Dictaphone to record voice files (3) Voice records are uploaded to our website   (4) MTs in India transcribe the report and upload back to the websites  (5) Physician can archive and retrieve the medical records as needed

  5. Quality Process Quality Process The process strength allows consistent and high levels of quality MT Level 1 QA Level 1 QA Level 2 Delivery Experience MTs Use Client Specification document Deliver 80-90% Quality Aided with MT tools, dictionaries and drug books Work-Flow through transcription software and Scripts Senior Quality people with 3+ yrs experience Deliver 99% Quality Dr specific quality conformation Feedback to MTs from level 1 Flag jobs for special review Electronic platform to deliver Provide status Log Provide Bi-Weekly Count Review Flagged jobs Proofing Check client, physician specific guidelines Export for Final review and delivery to client

  6. Transition Methodology Transition Methodology

  7. Contact us The proposed way forward would be to setup mini-trial to test out synergies and benefits Proposed Next Steps • Discuss proposal. • Setup free-trial to test out • Finalize details of contract. • Initiate full scale services Deepak Kumar- Houston, Texas Phone: 713-574-6336 Email • Sumit Chaudhary- Delhi, India • Phone: (91) 9971820606 • Email