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  1. WHAT IS BEAUTY? Preparedby:Nurefşan Özcan -Beyza Nur Göksel

  2. What is beauty ? • We can considerthe beauty as a concept of aestheticallyadmirationwhicharousespleasure in allpeople and bringsjoytoyourheart. • It can changepeopletopeople,sowe can say that it is subjuctive.

  3. How do we decide who is attractive and who is not? • Actuallyit is possible to disagree and argue about whether something is beautiful, or to try to show someone that something is beautifulor not but for us ; • impresiveeyes • distinctivefaciallines • plumplips • shaped body aresome of theattractivefactorsfor beauty. • fainteyes • pale skin • frail body • areoppositefeaturesforbeingbeautiful.

  4. “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”  Outer beauty includesphysicalperfection that connectswithyour body appearancesuch as having ideal body size,plumphips and breasts,slimwaist,longlegs,butwethink that peopleshouldalsocareaboutinner beauty whichareaboutpeople’scharacteristic and moreprecious.

  5. INNER BEAUTY • Inner beauty comesfromthedepths of yourheart and reflectssincerity. • Itbased on youremotions and thoughts. • Youdon’thavetoseeanythingconcrete,youjustfeel it. • Inner beauty relatedtohonesty,respect,trust,affection,tolerance,kindnessetc.

  6. ‘’BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER’’ • Eachperson has differentpoints of views.Soit’s not aboutwhatyousee, it is allabout how youlook. ‘’If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’’ -Wayne Dyer

  7. HOW DO WE PERCEIVE THE PEOPLE IN THE PICTURE BELOW? She is an attractivepersonwith her self-confidentlook and formalclothes that shewears.Shelookscute and well-groomed.Alsoattentivemake-up and hairdesignsupplied her confident and stronglooking.

  8. Shelooksverybrave and masculine. She has her ownstyle and she is marginalwith her shorthair,clothes and eyemake-up. Her nose is beautiful and has pale skin. Alsowethink that shelooksverypowerful and abletostands on her ownfeetbecauseshe is lookingup.

  9. The Ugly Duchess • Whenwelook at that picturewesaw that she wears a heavilyjeweledheaddressto showthat she is of the upper class.She has thefinestjewelery and it is a indicator of wealth. She also has a rose bud in her handtosignifyshe is lookingforwardfor her suitors. • Wethink that maybeshe has seen as a uglybythe men in her timesbecause of her appereance,buttheyjudge her byjustlooking at her outer beauty. Sowearen’tabletoknow her inner beauty and characteristictraits.As Foister points out, "it is a beautiful painting".

  10. Thisguylooksentertainingwith his hugesmile. He has black skin and wearsblackformalclothes. He looksconfident and amiable and it makeshim an attractiveperson. Also he has well-looking.

  11. WOMAN

  12. Whatmakes a beautifulwoman ? • Shapedand commensurate body • Pulphipsand breats • Long • Goodteeth • Honest • Confident • Loyal • Pulplips • Thinnose • Upturnedeyebrow • Colored and impressiveeyes • Distinctivefaciallines • Cheekbone • Bushyhair • Shiny skin

  13. MAN

  14. Whatmakes a beautifulman ? • Muscular body(ideal) • Sixpack • Long • Soft and shapelyhands • Honest • Mature • Caring • Strong • Open-minded • Sensitive • Pulplips • Smoothface • Goodteeth • Small nose • Shapedchin • Longeyelash • Coloredeyes • Light skin • Bushyhair

  15. SocialMedia Effects • Insocialmediawomenbodiesthought as a way of marketing newproducts. There is a mentality of women body perfectionshouldbe stereotypicallike a beautifulwomenshouldhavestandart body measures and shouldn’t be fat and ugly.

  16. Manywomenadmiretothewomen that theysaw in thesocialmediaoradvertisements and theytrytolooklikethesemodelswhoarechosenmeticulously. Thestandarts of beauty that is shown in thesocialmedia, makepeoplefeelunsureabouttheirappearance.

  17. Womenearnso much moneyforchangingtheirphysicalappearance. Theygotoaestheticsurgeons and wantthemtorepairtheirdefectstolooklike a beautifulperson. Alsolongterm and unconsciousdiets can causebothmental and physicalillnessessuch as anorexia.


  19. IDEAL WOMEN AND MEN For us beautifulwomenarebrave and self-confident. Theyshouldwork hard toachivetheirgoals and pursuretheirdreams. Iftheircharacteristic is benign,itreflecttotheirface. Thewomenwhoarelaughing is beautiful. Handsome men areimpressing us withjustlookingorsmile. Theyshouldgives us confidence and theyshouldsupportwomen in everyrespects. Beingkind and respectfulmakethemthemosthandsomeguy in theworld.

  20. Perception and Cultures • Accordingtoregions, cultures, geographies beauty conceptchanges, becausethereareaspectswhicharespecifiedbythepublic. Generallycriterions of beauty whicharecommonlybe approvedbypeople and lastedtrends, popular beauty cheatsbe counted as a beauty concepts. Forexample in Japan crookedgearwomendefined as beautiful,however in Tajikistansingle-eyedwomenidentified as beautiful and attractive.

  21. Reality and Truth • A famouspoetnamed John Keastsaid that  “Beauty is truth, truth beauty.” • Actually it is aboutyourunderstaning of beauty but ifwewanttomake a generalization beauty is aestheticnotionhoweverreality is phychological and philosophicalnotion,although beauty and accuracyareabstractnotion.