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Both Sides of Imperialism in Africa

Both Sides of Imperialism in Africa. By: Valerie Dixon Nicole Skafi Vallerie hernandez German Restrepo. Background Story.

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Both Sides of Imperialism in Africa

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  1. Both Sides of Imperialism in Africa By: Valerie Dixon Nicole Skafi Valleriehernandez German Restrepo

  2. Background Story • Late in the middle of the XIX century all European nations were looking to imperialized Africa and Asia, where raw materials were most seeing. Such as France, Great Britain, Germany, etc. used different methods to imperialized. Indirect rule was the method of a colonial government in which the local rulers maintain their authority, or they used Direct rule, were foreigners govern the colony instead of the locals. • They took as an excuse to get what they wanted, the resources, “We just want to civilize other nations so they could be a more developed country.”

  3. Effects • These nations increased their efforts to extend their power and influence across the globe. European imperialism was driven by a combination of factors, from a desire for territorial strength, economic opportunities, and political prestige, to the need for cheap supplies to fuel Europe's industrial revolution. • People were now slaved because of such the desire of the imperialists for these resources and also the religious views were forced on the people. People were now being domain by this European countries instead of just being helped to be more developed.

  4. Imperialist • The European countries that were controlling thought they were improving the way of life of the people. France is an example of constructing schools, churches in Vietnam in the XIX century. They saw themselves as the only salvation for these undeveloped country. • At the same time they were getting what they wanted, the natural resources they didn’t had in their country so they could produce with them in their industries.

  5. Controlled People in Africa • Any resistance that this people made was met with force and because the Europeans were so developed in there arms they had guns and more modern weapons compared to the bows and arrows of this primary people. They were treated as animals, only for work and little they were given in exchange. Now imperialism became all about controlling…..

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