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Cooperation with Cuba PowerPoint Presentation
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Cooperation with Cuba

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Cooperation with Cuba
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Cooperation with Cuba

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  1. Cooperation with Cuba 2005 - 2011 – The International Workshops on Child Health in Camagüey

  2. Cuba has achieved important results in public health: • reduction of neonatal mortality; • high immunization coverage, and • eradication of certain infectious diseases; • free and universal public health care service; • excellent medical academy. The context

  3. The Cuban medical staff have a well prepared but is penalized for the international isolation of the country. • Thus the spread in the international scientific community of the achievements is very difficult. The context

  4. Inadequate medical devices, old technology; • The network of health services has not web links; • However, the information circulating in the Cuban medical community; The problemsofCubanhealth

  5. This is the context of creating a relationship of mutual exchange between some European scientific institutions and the Cuban health service. • The collaboration is currently focused on pediatrics.

  6. Firstly, to provide information to health professionals from overseas about the healthcare system in Cuba and to understand its achievements. • Secondly, to provide a research forum for scientific exchange of knowledge and to lay the basis for future collaboration. Aimsof the collaboration

  7. 2011 sees the 6th International Workshop on Child Health in Camagüey, Cuba. This is an annual event organised by the following partners: • Academic Division of Child Health (University of Nottingham); • International Institute for the Study of Cuba, London Metropolitan University; • Camagüey Children’s Hospital and the Department of Provincial Health, Camagüey Province.

  8. The workshop has received strong support from Canada (University of Western Ontario) and Italy (Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma, Mario Negri Institute, Milano and, Paediatric Research Hospital “G. Gaslini”, Genova). • Alongside a presence at each of the workshops from Canada and Italy, we have also had support from individuals at the University of Dusseldorf, Germany and from colleagues in Argentina.

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