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Peter Crouch

Peter Crouch. Profile. Name: Peter Crouch DOB: 30/01/1981 Teams: Liverpool & England Position: Striker Height: 6’ 7 Career 2005/06 FA Cup with Liverpool Honours: 2006/07 Community Shield. Skills.

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Peter Crouch

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  1. Peter Crouch

  2. Profile Name: Peter Crouch DOB: 30/01/1981 Teams: Liverpool & England Position: Striker Height: 6’ 7 Career 2005/06 FA Cup with Liverpool Honours: 2006/07 Community Shield

  3. Skills To be a top performer at club and country level Peter crouch must possess all these skills: Jumping: his position is striker so he is a target man therefore it is important that he wins all arial battles against his opponent whether it is to get a strike on goal or to win the ball .A good jumping technique is needed to do this. Control:Peter will need to have good control when pass the ball so he is able to shoot or find a pass quickly.

  4. Striking : For a striker it is important to score goals and for this they will need a good striking technique to get a powerful accurate shot on goal. Dribbling: To get in a position for a goal scoring opportunity. Good dribbling to beat defenders. Passing : Good passing technique and vision is needed to accurately find a player in a good position.

  5. Fitness Components To be a good footballer playing at international level Peter Crouch must have many different components of fitness and health. The most important for his personal game are: Cardiovascular endurance : he needs this for his cardiovascular system to be able to continue working at a moderate to high intensity over a long period of time ( 90 minute game ) delaying the onset of fatigue. Muscular endurance: Throughout a 90 minute match he will use his muscles, especially in his legs, a lot .Therefore he needs the ability for these muscles to continue working without getin tired or cramping up during this time .

  6. Co ordination : In football being in control of your body is important so that you can co ordinate your feet and kick the ball in the right way . Peter Crouch especially needs good co coordination because he is so tall and has longer limbs to be in control of . Balance : The taller person is the harder it is to balnce because they have a higher centre of gravity.Peter Crouch must be able to stay on his feet during a game of football

  7. Fitness Training Methods Fartlek Training: He will do this sort of training a lot of the time because it increases his cardiovascular fitness , and this training prepares his body for exercise at changing rates of intensity throughout a football game. Circuit Training : A circuit designed to work on muscular endurance of all muscles or muscle groups in the body is essential because all muscles are used throughout a game of football . Weight Training: This training method is designed to improve Peter’s strength using an overload technique to make muscles adapt to using a heavier load.This is important because a striker needs good physical strength.

  8. Physical Characteristics Somatotype Peter Crouch is an ectomorph therefore he is very slim and tall. Peter has little body muscle or fat due to his unique body type. This somatotype is not very common in football because of the lack of strength and co-ordination usually associated with ectomorphs however in Peter Crouch’s case he does not show signs of lack of strength and he can co-ordinate his body very well. In fact his somatotype is an advantage to his game meaning he is a target man and and can win the ball in the air. Also he is in control of his large limbs.

  9. How feedback has influenced Peter Crouch

  10. Peter Crouch is now 25 and has been playing football all his life, for 7 different professional clubs gaining a lot of feedback from different sources. There are 4 types of feedback which he will have used to improve his game: • Intrinsic feedback • Extrinsic Feedback • Knowledge of Performance • Knowledge of Results

  11. Intrinsic Feedback Intrinsic Feedback is feedback from within. It is a performers own perception of his or her own performance. To use intrinsic feedback effectively an athlete must have a lot of experience. An example of intrinsic feedback for Peter Crouch would be when he has just made a pass in a football game he will know if it was a good pass by the way it felt when it left his foot and if it reached its intended target. If the pass was good or bad Peter will feed this information back to himself and either attempt to recreate the technique next time, if it worked well, or change it, if it was wrong.

  12. Extrinsic Feedback • Extrinsic Feedback is feedback from an external source. In Peters Career he will have received a lot of extrinsic feedback, both positive and negative from a number of sources such as: • Coaches • Family • Crowd • TV & Video Analysis • Other, more experienced professionals

  13. An example of extrinsic feedback Peter Crouch has received throughout his career is the feedback form coaches. Because he has played at many different clubs he has worked with many different coaches and had feedback from all of these. This feedback can be both positive and negative, however always constructive. It is more useful than intrinsic feedback because it is easier for someone else watching to see what a performer is doing wrong and right than it is for an athlete to tell himself.

  14. Knowledge of Performance This type of feedback can come from an athletes own perception however it is more likely to come from an external source such as video replays. This type of feedback is often very technical including minor points on technique. Knowledge of Results This type of feedback comes from external sources such as the result of a game or the judges scores. Athletes can use these results to see if they are playing well or playing poorly. It is more important in individual events and not so useful in football because it is a team game. 3-1

  15. All these types of feedback are useless unless an athlete has a good amount ofcoachability. This is the ability to take in this feedback and use it to develop an athlete’s game. Peter Crouch obviously has good coachability because he has shown an enourmouse amount of improvement throughout his career starting at a low level and working up to an extremely high international level. This cannot have been done without using all four types of feedback to improve his game

  16. By Sean L Friedenthal

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