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Trailing Hand Technique PowerPoint Presentation
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Trailing Hand Technique

Trailing Hand Technique

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Trailing Hand Technique

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  2. What is the Trailing Hand Technique? The Trailing Hand Technique is used to reduce the chance of injury if a fall was to occur descending stairs. It is a very effective way of preventing a serious injury as the trailing handgrip on the handrail greatly reduces the risk of falling should you slip or trip. Which of the pictures below do you think demonstrates the THT? Why do you think it may be a safer option than the others? 1 3 2

  3. How do we use the Trailing Hand Technique? People working on an offshore installation, or in any Oil & Gas facility, will frequently descend and ascend stairs during a typical day. To add to the risk of daily exposure, often we will find these stairs to be narrow and steep. When all of these elements are added to a less than optimal handrail grip, it is easy to see how the chances of injury increase dramatically. In the pictures we can see a “common” handrail grip – think about it, do you think if you fall down the stairs, while using the grip shown, your wrist will be strong enough to prevent your whole body from falling in a forward direction? ✗ ✗ ✗

  4. How do we use the Trailing Hand Technique? In most cases, we can’t stop using stairs to eliminate the risk but we can mitigate it by using a simple technique for holding the handrail while descending down the stairs – The Trailing Hand Technique. The Trailing Hand Technique simply consists of trailing your strongest hand underneath the handrail behind you, turning your body slightly in order to have more stepping space on each individual stair and descending the stairs in a more controlled manner. What do you think will happen if you slip or trip using the THT? You will probably not go much further than the step you are stepping on since your hand will react by gripping and in this position your wrist will be much stronger. You are also likely to fall into a sitting position or towards the rail, rather than falling forward. ✓ ✓

  5. Conclusions about the Trailing Hand Technique: ✗ ✗ ✓ This is without a doubt the most unsafe way to descend stairs. By not holding the handrail you are totally exposed to a bad fall. Here you may have some protection but risk serious wrist injury and not being able to prevent a forward fall. Using the Trailing Hand Technique as seen here, will make the use of stairs safer and reduce risk of injury significantly.

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  7. Please address any questions, observations or suggestions regarding the Trailing Hand Technique to The Trailing Hand technique is an industry Best Practice, in Equilibria we believe in sharing lessons learned, especially if it may prevent somebody from getting hurt. We do not own the THT idea or concept. Everybody (from any industry) can use this presentation and share it to divulge this Best Practice. Can you exercise Personal Intervention in 2011? A Best PracticeBrought to you by Equilibria