welcome to first grade n.
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Welcome to First Grade! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to First Grade!

Welcome to First Grade!

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Welcome to First Grade!

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  1. Welcome to First Grade! Mrs. Hutson

  2. Marshall School Mission Statement The Mission of Marshall Schools is to… • Help students develop an appropriate plan for post-secondary success. • Provide students with essential curricular experiences that prepare them for college and/or the workforce. • Help students develop 21st Century Life Skills, becoming Lifelong Learners, and understand the value of Good Character and Service.

  3. Parents please remember… • Please respect all school rules when at school. • You are invited to join us during lunch, however are not allowed on the playground during recess. • Please sign in at the office ANYTIME you visit our school. • Please use the designated parking lots.

  4. Attendance • School begins at 8:00 and dismisses at 2:50. It is VERY important to arrive on time and be at school every day. Learning begins the minute we enter the classroom! • I understand that some absences may occur due to illnesses, appointments, etc. Please make arrangements to pick up any missed work from the school. • If you know that your child will be missing school due to an appointment, please let me know in advance so I can send work home with them.

  5. Parking Lots New procedures ….. • As before – please stop by our office on the East side to sign in. All other doors will be locked throughout the day. • Visitor Parking – East Parking Lotno cars may park there before school (7:30-8:00) or at dismissal time. Only busses may utilize the east drive-through area. • North door drop off from 7:30-8:00am. Adults must stay in their vehicles and someone will open the door to escort the children in. • Parents may drop at the half circle drive in the South lot. Students will walk to them across the playground. • StaffOnly Parking in the West (Rt. 1) Parking Lot

  6. After-School Plans *It is a good idea to keep after school plans consistent to eliminate confusion and stress for the student. *Any change to your child’s after-school plans need to be confirmed with a note or a phone call to the school office BEFORE 2:00.

  7. Lunch and Milk Money • Your child will have a special baggie sent home in their folder each day. • Office notes, lunch and milk money should be the only thing sent in the baggie. • If your child has a charge, a note will be sent home on Friday’s with the charged amount. • Children are allowed a $20 charge limit. • If you need to send money to school for any other reason (projects, field trips, etc.) please make sure it is separate from your child’s lunch and milk money.

  8. Snacks • We will have a snack each morning with our snack milk. • Snack milk is not included in the free/reduced program! • Snack donations from the school approved snack list are greatly appreciated. • Any snacks that are not on the approved snack list will be sent home.

  9. SpecialsSchedule • Mrs. Reeder will be vising our classroom once a month for Ag. In the Classroom. • Mr. Josh will be in the classroom once a month for Healthy Living. • *Please make sure your child is wearing their sneakers on PE days. • * Please remember to send your library book back on Library day.

  10. Red FoldersPLEASE TAKE TIME TO CHECK THIS FOLDER EVERY DAY! • THESE ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF OUR CLASSROOM ROUTINE! • Contains work, notes from me, newsletters, lunch baggie, and other important school information. • Track your child’s behavior on their “Paw Chart”. • Most importantly, these folders teach students ORGANIZATION AND RESPONSIBILITY.

  11. More about the Red Folders… I will check the folders each morning. Please do not forget to: • Initial the behavior chart every night. • Remove papers each night. • Sign and return any forms that need to be returned. Students will earn special rewards if these things are done each night.

  12. AIMSWEB Testing **Fall, Winter and Spring progress monitoring. **Goals for each area increase with each testing time. Reading: • Star testing determines independent reading levels. • AIMSweb determines independent reading levels. • Letter naming, Nonsense Words, Letter Sounds, and Phoneme Segmentation, Oral Reading and Comprehension Math: • AIMSweb 2 minute basic fact test • Oral counting, number identification, missing number and quantity discrimination

  13. RtI (Response to Intervention) If a student does not benchmark, we discuss the results with the RtI team. If the Team decides extra interventions- out of the classroom are needed, we will contact the parents and begin extra one-on-one help/small group instruction in the area needed.

  14. Reading • The majority of class time will focus on reading and reading activities. • These activities include reading strategies, writing, phonics, high frequency words, grammar and spelling words. • Students will be placed in reading groups to best meet their reading needs. All first grade teachers lead these groups for 90 minutes each day.

  15. Math The My Math Curriculum: • This is a new curriculum that was just purchased for this year!! We are very excited about it. Much of our time will also be focused on addition and subtraction facts.

  16. Grade Cards and Common Core • Students will receive a checklist report card at the end of each quarter. This will help you see what specific skills your child knows or where your child needs additional practice. • Common Core- working towards a “common” outline of skills being taught and assessed through “I can” statements and mastering. • Papers with a WTat the top indicate we Worked it Together in class and students were given time to mark the correct answer.

  17. iPads • Students will use iPads to supplement reading and mathematics. • They will be used for whole group, small groups and centers. • Students and parents will receive a usage policy agreement soon.

  18. Classroom Expectations • Come to class prepared with all supplies. • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. • Listen when others are talking. • Participate in class activities. • Follow all school rules. • Share and take turns. • Follow directions. • Use kind words.

  19. Behavior Clip Chart Great Day! Ready to Learn Think About It Lose a Privilege Principal Referral All students begin each day on green. Students move up or down on the chart based on the choices they make throughout the day. Students will earn rewards for positive choices. Students who chose to break the rules will lose privileges based on the severity and frequency of the behaviors.

  20. Star Student of the Week • Each child will have the opportunity to be the Star Student of the Week. • I will draw a student at random each Friday to be the Star Student. • A poster will be sent home on Friday for the Star Student. Please be sure to return the poster the following Monday to be displayed in our room. • The Star Student may bring in pictures to share. • The Star Student may bring a show and tell item and a book to share with the class. • The Star Student will have special jobs in our classroom throughout the week.

  21. “Paws” Traits “Paws” Traits P Positive Pride A Awesome Attitude W Work Wisely S Smart Safety Students will be rewarded for good behavior, working hard, and showing a positive attitude. The kids will hopefully work hard and enjoy being recognized across the board from the classroom to the cafeteria to the playground to the bus.

  22. Class Parties and Birthdays • North and South Elementary Schools will have class parties at Christmas and the end of the school year. • I will ask for help with these at a later time. *As per the Parent Handbook, we can NOT pass out party invitations at school unless ALL the children in the class are invited. *No food or candy treats for birthdays.

  23. Field Trips We try to provide these trips at minimal cost to families. Please remember that the price of the trips will include the cost of transportation, as well as location fees. First grade hopes to offer trips in the fall and spring.

  24. Box Tops for Education Please remember to save Box Tops for Education and send them to school with your child. Our school earns a lot of wonderful supplies each year by collecting Box Tops!! There are also various prizes the kids can win periodically for bringing in their Box Tops.

  25. Book Club I send home an age appropriate Scholastic Book Club order form each month. This is one of the cheapest ways to purchase quality books. The class also earns bonus points with each order that I use to purchase books for our classroom. There will be ordering instructions included with each order form I send home. There are two options for ordering books, either by sending your order form and payment back to me or ordering online.

  26. Stay Informed • Please find the School and District Websites for all kinds of valuable information, links and forms. • Our class has a private Facebook group called “Mrs. Hutson’s First Grade Friends”. • The District also has a Facebook page which is helpful for reminders and additional information.

  27. Parent Portals You will be receiving login and password information to your Parent Portal. Here you can check grades, attendance and lunch account information. This is a very handy way to track your child’s progress and lunch charges.

  28. Communication is the Key I believe….parent and teacher communication is essential to your child’s education. I believe…..parents, students and teacher working together= success. I believe….every child has the potential to succeed-with OUR guidance and understanding! ***If you EVER have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me!!!

  29. Here’s how to reach me… • You can email me at • You can also reach me by phone between 3:00-3:30 p.m. at school…826-5411 • You can write me a note and put it in your child’s red folder.