the north wales integrated autism service n.
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The North Wales Integrated Autism Service PowerPoint Presentation
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The North Wales Integrated Autism Service

The North Wales Integrated Autism Service

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The North Wales Integrated Autism Service

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  1. The North Wales Integrated Autism Service

  2. What is Autism? Autism is a ‘hidden disability’, meaning it is not easy to recognise when someone has the condition. If you see this pattern (on a wristband, card or mobile device) it means someone has autism and they want you to know so that you can support them. Support and staff who understanding can make a huge difference. Understanding autism has the power to change lives.

  3. Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD) Autism Spectrum Disorders are also known by other names. Estimated 1 in 100 people in the UK have Autism 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment

  4. We refer to an Autism ‘Spectrum’ because of the way in which the condition affects individuals can vary.

  5. The Facts • The research tells us that: • 90% reported anxiety stopping them doing things • 73% reported feeling depressed • 30% unable to leave their house every day • 60% can’t attend GP appointments • 100% cited eligibility criteria as a barrier to accessing services • 50% of adults tell us they are unable to undertake everyday activities • ASD National Team, WLGA (2015) • Survey of 1049 individuals affected by autism • Consultation with over 200 professionals • 6 parent / carer consultation events

  6. Local Themes • Flintshire’s ASD steering group have identified a number of themes: • Assessment and diagnosis times. • Post diagnosis support. • Lack of awareness amongst agencies of autism. • Support of a specialist nature is not available - examples given are childminding, overnight support. • Social Services do not have autism specific supports and services. • Lots of 3rd sector organisations, but funding is not adequate and is short term. • No support for people with low levels of autism related need.

  7. Integrated Autism Services in Wales The Welsh Government has invested £13m in IAS programmes through to 2021. The aim of the service is to ensure that autistic individuals, their family and carers are able to access the advice, support and interventions needed to enable them to reach their full potential where these are otherwise unavailable. IAS Supporting Guidance (Welsh Government, 2017)

  8. North Wales IAS • Jointly hosted by Flintshire County Council and BetsiCadwaladr University Health Board with Neil Ayling acting as the lead for the Region. • The IAS Strategic Group meets every 2 months with representatives from across children and adults’ health, social care, education and third sector organisations. • This group is supported by an Operational group. • The IAS Strategic Group reports to the North Wales Leadership Group and to the Regional Partnership Board.

  9. What the IAS will do • Diagnosis • Clinical staff employed by BCUHB • Assessment of adults with no/mild learning disability who do not have a known moderate to severe mental health difficulty. • Consultation in relation to the diagnostic assessment

  10. What the IAS will do • Support • Support for adults with autism • Information/advice/support following assessment for children • Information/advice/support for parents, families, partners and carers of individuals with ASD and the professionals who support them. • Advice/training and support for agencies linking with people with ASD.

  11. What the IAS won’t do • Emergency / crisis intervention • Respite care • Rapid response • Care Plans • Direct Payments • For those with more complex needs (mental health support needs), staff from the IAS will work with other professionals to ensure they are able to provide ‘autism friendly’ support. • The IAS is an additional resource and will not replace any existing service, nor result in the cutting of existing services.

  12. IAS Team 3 full time Specialist Practitioners (1 will be Service Manager) Education / Social Worker / Nurse Occupational Therapist 1 x 0.5 1 full time Administrator 8 full time Support Workers (2 regional support workers. Speech and Language Therapist 1 x 0.5 1 full time Psychologist and 2 x 0.5 Psychologists 1 full time Administrator

  13. IAS Progress • ‘Pathways’ events held to agree routes through the service and links with partner organisations. • Launch event held on 27.06.18 with 255 people attending. • Administrative base set up • Occupational Therapist (OT) and Speech and Language Therapist (SaLT), Administrator, all Support Workers and Psychologists recruited. • Interview and recruitment process underway for a Manager, Education Practitioner and Nurse. • Service becoming operational in phases • 2017/18 funding also supported:

  14. What you can do… • Autism awareness e-learning • Can you see me campaign • Hot desks • Follow us on Facebook

  15. Diolch! Any Questions? 01352 702090