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Safety Systems Assessment Tool PowerPoint Presentation
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Safety Systems Assessment Tool

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Safety Systems Assessment Tool
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Safety Systems Assessment Tool

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  1. Safety Systems Assessment Tool Michelle Davidson Workplace Health and Safety Queensland

  2. Overview What is a Safety Management System? Safety Management System Assessment Tool Elements assessed Examples/learnings Other relevant tools

  3. What is a safety management system? Set of linked policies, procedures and practices in place to manage workplace health and safety risks AS 4801 “gold standard”

  4. What should an effective safety management system do? Set out OHS policy and objectives Establish, assess and review the effectiveness of procedures which give effect to OHS policy and objectives Achieve conformance with OHS policy and objectives of the organisation; and Demonstrate such conformance to others (via self-declaration or certification/ registration as appropriate)

  5. Safety Systems Assessment Tool

  6. Management and Leadership Commitment Planning and Reporting Safety Consultation, Communication and Safety Climate Risk Management Safe Work Procedures, Training and Supervision Injury Management Elements of the tool

  7. Management and leadership commitment Demonstrations of commitment include: Leading by example Communication safety responsibilities to workers Allocating time and money to safety Making safety a priority Implementing safe systems of work Encouraging reporting of incidents Valuing worker contributions

  8. Planning and Reporting Safety Procedures for workers to make reports of hazards, incidents, illnesses and injuries Workers encouraged and supported to report hazards, incidents and near misses Acting on reported issues and incidents Reviewing reports to identify trends and take appropriate action Reporting to statutory authorities (WHSQ)

  9. Consultation, Communication and Safety Climate Process for consulting with workers about health and safety matters Consultation arrangements structured so all workers have access to the consultation process Workers know about their entitlements to elect WHSR and ask to set up work group Access to information which helps to raise awareness of safety issues and solutions

  10. Risk Management Structured approach for identifying hazards Risk assessments conducted for uncontrolled hazards Control measures for all identified risks (controls developed in relation to relevant legislation, codes of practice, Aust Standards) Emergency preparedness and response

  11. Safe Work Procedures, training and supervision Safe Work Procedures developed for all tasks in workplace (where risk of injury or illness identified) Regular review of Safe Work Procedures Structured Induction program Training, including Safe Work Procedures relevant to their job Supervision to ensure Safe Work Procedures are being followed

  12. Injury Management Procedures to follow if injured at work “Stay at work” and return to work/suitable duties plans developed for workers injured at workplace Resources to support and assist injured workers

  13. Examples from industry Common themes: Consultation Toolbox talks for ancillary staff WHS Committee Communication across organisation eg via newsletter Hazard identification/reporting system Formality/structure of system Risk Assessment/Safe Work Procedures Injury management processes

  14. SASB - safety management system • Management Commitment • Consultation • Safety Management System • Workers Compensation Return to • Safe Work Procedures • Work • Reporting Safety • Training & Supervision

  15. SASB - self assessment

  16. Online safety benchmarking tool (OSBT) Self assessment tool Confidential Includes guidance for improvement Results against: Set criteria Business size Other business in industry group

  17. OSBT report

  18. Injury cost calculator Initial, overlooked, and uninsured costs: incident investigation damage replacement productivity costs + existing examples

  19. Questions?

  20. Contact us 1300 369 915

  21. What’s your most important reason for workplace safety? • Work safe. Home safe.