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  1. Shanghai Presentation of Law on the Administration of Exit-Entry Certificates Bureau of Exit-Entry Administration Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau

  2. We moved to the current location, 1500 Minsheng Road, on Oct 8 2005.

  3. Daily Work • Process resident permit & visa application • Investigate violations of exit-entry administration law • Enforce residence registration • Consulate liaison • Process passport & travel document application • Process landing visa application at airports & seaports

  4. Type of visas for overseas students 上海市出入境管理局

  5. 30天之内办理居留许可 • 过期一天罚款500元人民币 L visa X visa 必须在有效期内转成X或居 留许可。 -短期留学可持有F签证。 -长期留学须将F签证变更成居留许可。 • 免签有效期一般为15天或30天。 • 有效期内须申请居留许可。 No visa F visa Must change it to X visa or residence permit within valid time period. Apply for residence permit within 30 days after entry. 1 day of overstay will be fined RMB500. 签证种类 Type of visas Can only use F visa for study less than 6 months. Change it to a residence permit if you want to study for over 6 months Valid only for 15 or 30 days. Apply for a residence permit within valid time period.

  6. Documents needed for the application of residence permit 上海市出入境管理局

  7. Congratulation! THE UNIVERSITY! YOURSELF! An introduction letter from the University Admission notice JW202 or JW201 Health check report Registration Form for Temporary Residence An application form completed Valid passport with valid visa Documents for the residence permit

  8. Visa application for relatives of overseas students 上海市出入境管理局

  9. Visa application for relatives of overseas students ★ Certificates of relative relationship (get it in his own country, with the seal of Chinese Embassy or Consulate) ★ Certificates of overseas students (valid passport with valid visa in it) ★ Introduction letter from the university ★ Registration form for temporary residence for the relative

  10. Documents needed for the application of “L” visa after graduate 上海市出入境管理局

  11. AND! OR!

  12. Registration of Residence for Overseas Students 上海市出入境管理局

  13. 1 2 3 Registration of residence for overseas students go through the registration procedure in local police station with passport within 24 hours. go through the registration procedure in local police station with passport within 24 hours go through the registration procedure in check-in counter with passport in time without registration system outside the university with registration system

  14. Ⅱ Ⅲ Ⅳ ATTENTION Take good care of your Registration Form Do the registration again if you have changed your name,date of birth,nationality, type and number of your certificates. date of birth, Do not have to register again if you enter China with a residence permit and stay in the same place Do the registration within fixed time period each time you enter China with any visa other than residence permit.

  15. 刑事案件 治安案件 出入境案件 Embezzlement of property. Fighting Illegal stay Theft. Conflicts and injuries caused by drinking. Fail to change the residence permit when his/her purpose of stay has changed. Gambling. Fighting caused by trivial matters. Drug abuse. Engage in activities that do not conform to his/her identity. Sexual offenses. Over-driving.

  16. 4、 案事件处理方式 留学 生 公安 机关 学校 留办 ☆Dial 110 to call the police. ☆ Report to the Foreign Affairs Office ☆ Cooperate actively with PSB in case investigation ☆Social-order cases within the university. ☆Social-order cases outside the university. ☆Criminal cases. ☆ Traffic accidents. ☆Exit-entry cases. ☆ Find out details of the case. ☆ Report to our bureau. ☆ Set people’s mind at rest. ☆ Cooperate with the disposal. ☆ Educate and dredge.

  17. Our suggestions Safety precautions in room Safety precautions in public places • Keep your personal belongs safe • Avoid over-taking of alcohol • Observe traffic laws and regulations • Enhance security examination • Guard against robbery • Prevent gas poisoning accidents from happen- ing It is the sacred duty of Shanghai police to safeguard the legal rights of overseas students in Shanghai!

  18. ? Qs & AS! 欢 迎 提 问! ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  19. 谢谢大家 A LOT THANKS Bureau of Exit-Entry Administration

  20. 持有 “X”签证 入境 30days

  21. 持有 “L”签证 入境

  22. 持有 F签证 入境