kinetic energy n.
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Kinetic Energy PowerPoint Presentation
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Kinetic Energy

Kinetic Energy

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Kinetic Energy

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  1. Kinetic Energy

  2. energy of the motion of an object. = m x V2 2 m = mass V = velocity

  3. The location on the track where the train has the greatest potential energy is Kinetic

  4. Kinetic energy energy of a moving object.

  5. When does a toy race car have kinetic energy? rolling down a hill sitting on a shelf upside down on the floor in the toybox with the lid closed

  6. Bill pulls a rubber band tight to shoot a piece of paper. At the point when the rubber band is stretched to its maximum, compare and contrast the amounts of potential and kinetic energy. there is no potential or kinetic energy all potential energy and no kinetic energy all kinetic energy and no potential energy equal amounts of potential and kinetic energy

  7. Which of the following is an example of kinetic energy? • a child jumping rope • a swimmer ready to dive • a stuffed toy lying on a table • firewood stacked in a fireplace

  8. When a pitcher throws a baseball, which of these has MOSTLY kinetic energy? • the pitcher • the ball • the batter • the catcher

  9. People in many places in California produce their electricity from wind energy. Which must be true about the winds in these places in California? The winds are cold. The winds blow very little. The winds blow most of the time. The winds blow mostly in the morning.

  10. Which of these best shows kinetic energy?

  11. Help me Splat !

  12. A bouncing ball

  13. Kinetic energy or Potential energy ?

  14. Kinetic energy or Potential energy ?

  15. Kinetic energy or Potential energy ?

  16. Kinetic energy or Potential energy ?

  17. Travels thru WAVES ? Kinet/Poten Space Kinetic ? Matter Kinetic ? Matter & Space ? ? Matter ? Matter both

  18. Conservation of energy ThermodynamicsLaw 1: . • Energy is never created or destroyed. • When it is transferred, all of the energy goes somewhere.

  19. When electrical energy is "used" by an electric light, what really happens to the energy? It is given off as other forms of energy. It changes to matter. It stops at the electric light. It disappears.

  20. A moving bumper car (car 1) collides with a bumper car at rest (car 2). After the collision, both cars move. If momentum is conserved, which statement is correct? The momentum of car 1 increases and the momentum of car 2 decreases. The momentum of car 1 decreases and the momentum of car 2 increases. The total momentum of both cars increases. The total momentum of both cars decreases.

  21. Energy may be changed into other forms with varying efficiency.

  22. The amount of energy that is changed into the desired form. Efficiency

  23. In most energy transfers, some energy is turned into thermal.

  24. Which of the following could best be used to demonstrate energy being transformed from electricity to heat? A magnifying glass A triple beam balance A toaster A gas oven