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Mauch ® Knee PowerPoint Presentation
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Mauch ® Knee

Mauch ® Knee

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Mauch ® Knee

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  1. Mauch® Knee

  2. Mauch® KneeAgenda Mauch Hydraulic Design User Profile Features & Benefits Specifications Technical Overview Alignment Studies

  3. Mauch® KneeStance and Swing Hydraulic Design Stance • Mauch cylinder mimics eccentric contraction of quadriceps • Will stabilize knee beyond 15° for smooth, efficient, and secure ramp and stair descent Swing • Controls Swing Flexion and Extension for a wide range of speeds.

  4. Mauch® KneeHydraulic Design Designed to compliment the Flex-Foot features Full Length Toe and Category Selection Too short/soft = Late deactivation of stance Too long/stiff = Early deactivation of stance

  5. Mauch® KneeUser Profile High Voluntary Control • Can actively control knee stability under changing conditions Variable Cadence • Ability or potential to walk at varying speeds Interest in Advanced Performance • Natural and efficient method of stair and ramp descent • Desire for ‘step over step’ descent method on most terrain

  6. Mauch® KneeUser Profile – Manual Lock Patient requires extra stability in special situations Examples: • Descending steep or slippery terrain • Climbing ladders • Walking through brush or tall grass Manual Lock

  7. Mauch® KneeUser Profile – Swing Only Patient requires high frequency cycling of knee without drag of stance control Examples: • Rowing • Cycling • Running • Exercise Machines Swing Only

  8. Mauch® KneeAlignment • ALIGNMENT REFERENCE LINE • Bisects the lateral wall at the ischial level of the socket • Through the intersection of the posterior and middle third of the foot. • Position knee so that the reference line passes through or slightly POSTERIOR to the knee axis Knee axis ANTERIOR: Unstable - knee flexion moment Knee axis POSTERIOR: Stable - difficulty initiating flexion

  9. 6 mm Mauch® KneeRetrofittability • Due to new pyramid repositioning 6 mm POSTERIOR slide of the socket is required. 6 mm

  10. Mauch® KneeSpecifications Build height: 8 2/3” Weight: 2.5lbs with cylinder Weight Limit – 300lbs 6/10/2014

  11. Mauch® KneeGeneral Design Rear Cover (Removable) Rigid frame material Flexible rubber material on cover. Soft impact if socket hits knee Front Cover (Removable) Flexible rubber material Combines bumper function and design Knee Shell Hard materialImpact resistant Aluminum Frame 11

  12. Mauch® KneePyramid Position Pyramid moved 6mm anterior Allows for slight anterior positioning of distal socket attachment to accommodate socket flexion.

  13. Mauch® KneeExtension Stop Adjustable Extension Stop Allows the knee extension to be customized to patient requirements With the option of soft or firm stop. 6/10/2014

  14. Mauch® KneeRedesigned Axis and Bearings • New Main Axis and Bearing Design. • Minimizes play • Maximizes strength • Increases durability 6/10/2014

  15. Mauch® KneeSpherical Cylinder Bearings • Sealed Spherical Bearings on Cylinder • Isolates Cylinder from Axial and Rotational Forces • Simplified Design with improved strength. • Improved Durability with decreased wear on all parts

  16. Mauch® KneeStudies Clinical studies that reveal the positive effect of the Mauch: • 97% Mauch acceptance rate; The knee gave a smoother gait, ability to change cadence, increased activity level, increased stability in stance, fewer falls, and less fatigue. Volatile TB, Roberson JR, Whitesides TE Jr. (The Mauch Hydraulic Knee Unit For Above-Knee Amputation) Orthopedics 1985 February; 8(2): 229-30. • Mauch minimizes knee instability by including stumble recovery feature and yielding stance for stair descent foot over foot. Contini R, Gage H, Yatkauskas A, Drillis RJ (Functional Evaluation and Acceptability Of The Henschke-Mauch “Hydraulik” Swing and Stance Control System) Department of Medicine and Surgery, Veterans Administration: Contract No. V1005M-1917 Submitted by Research Division, New York University, School of Science and Engineering, July 1964. • 98.2% success rate; Hydraulic knee unit recommended for use in the active above-knee amputee with good strength, longer limb length, capability of variable cadence, and ability to increase activity level. Whitesides TE Jr, Volatile TB. (Mauch SNS Hydraulic Knee Units In Above-Knee Amputees. A Long-term Follow-up Study) Clin Orthop, 264-8, 1985.

  17. Mauch® Knee Thank You