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Local Broadband Policies PowerPoint Presentation
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Local Broadband Policies

Local Broadband Policies

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Local Broadband Policies

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  1. Local Broadband Policies Heleen Kerkhof, City of Leeuwarden Co-ordinator of Telecities Working Group Broadband ► Role of cities in stimulating broadband development

  2. Breedband in Leeuwarden – YES INDEED 17th Century 19th Cent. 1970 2010

  3. Overcoming the barriers to the InfoSociety:Working Group Broadband (ca. 20 members) Lobby:BB-Committee (under Eurocities/Telecities) Send Telecities BB Policy paper to EC (► Connecting EU @ high Speed) Joint Telecities project (? E-Ten) Share best practices at Telecities Events(see also:

  4. Scope of Technologie /Services

  5. Services • Shared Business Networks (V-LANs), IP Telephony • Fast Internet (multimedia; experienced economy) • Other (triple play: TV/Internet/phone) Areas/ target groups: Public: E-Government E-Health E-Learning E-Communities (E-Culture, E-Safety) Businesses: E-Business E-Commerce E-Learning

  6. St@dsRing Leeuw@rden • National policy: Leave it to the market. Rural regions: market failure! • Artery: City investment in Open StadsRing, 33 km • Managed dark fiber at cost price (based upon public utility ROI) • Veins: Last mile policy: Pilots and research, organisation of concerted demand and supply; exploration on business models • FTTI: education, culture, health care, government, commercial services

  7. Successes,Problems Broadband (innovation!) is on the agenda By the end of 2004: 100 organisations connected Hybrid solutions, scalable connectivity (no cherry picking) New service providers enter the market Development of community nets: networked services Competition lowers prices Start of consumer services (wireless, fed by StadsRing) Anti-lobby from Incumbants KPN (nat. Operator): free Internet for schools Legal issues pending: State Support / false competition Dark Fibre not a regular service: specific marketing

  8. Marketing (incl. Last miles):innovation scenario thinking Developments per sector Internal business processes Feasibility from 5 perspectives: StrategicFinancial LegalManagerialTechnical Information society developments

  9. BB-Trends in E-services: - Use of Multimedia - Co-operation within chains / clusters

  10. Primary proces: front office, all customer contacts: mail/advertisement/ ordering/payment etc. Secundary proces: internal automation: office apps, ERP, CRM, virtual private networks etc. Tertiairy proces: contacts with suppliers, chain co-operation, shared services Efficiency, Effectiveness, Economy Simplify bureaucracy, redesign processes, from supply driven to demand driven IT and business processes

  11. Strategic issues Barriers: lack of infrastructure (unwilling incumbents), lack of content services (incl. public services), costs of BB-services Enhance investments: Business models: role of investors, deployment, regulations. Role of local governments. Increase competition within supply chain: not on the carrier but on services City Policies: very diverse, may include: budget for roll out, for staff, for services Co-operation with the Region, ‘natural’ networks

  12. Policy Paper / Lobby E-Europe Plan: put up national strategies 2004: most national strategies in place (udate needed by end 2005) EC Report Connecting Europe at high speed Comments from Committee of the Regions (!) EC report final November (?), all nat. Policies inc. National : lobby vs nat. Governments, for updates 2005)

  13. Comments to Connecting Europe at High Speed MIDband =not Broadband, Broadband should be the ambition, at least for (local) backbone Funds for deprived areas if market fails (DOIT- edu/promo-infra), not only rural, also urban Approach bb/data-infra as another utility (electricity, water) Support procedures to replace obsolete technologies (unbundling local loops) Support ‘clever digging’ Accelerate regulatory framework Accelerate common standardized, secured EU-BBplatform for Public Services

  14. Commercial services education culture Connected @ high speed in Europe – if fiber! Revolutionary carriers from water, railways, asfalt, to optic fiber Global perspective, local impactCompetitiveness, welfare, innovation! Public services healthcare

  15. SOME VISIONAIRS: I think there is a world market for maybe 5computers. IBM Chairman Thomas Watson, 1943 If the automobile had followed the same development as the computer, a Rolls Royce would today cost $100, get a million miles per gallon, and explode once a year killing everyone inside.Robert Cringely in InfoWorld In a few minutes a computer can make a mistake so great that it would have taken many men many months to equal it. Anonymous Ict-applicaties worden de zuurstof voor onze maatschappij.Prof. Dr. Ir. Nico Baken, 2002 Whoever makes the most mistakes, wins Think Global, act Local Where is the knowledge we have lost in Information? Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?