identifying truck maintenance and building companies for effective fleet management n.
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  1. Identifying truck maintenance and building companies for effective fleet management

  2. When considering the purchase of used service trucks it is best to deal with a registered and approved truck building and servicing company that deals with pre-owned trucks and have the entire relevant infrastructure required of a successful trucking business. The transparency of their dealings will be reflected in their business process:

  3. Each truck passes through a 118 point inspectionExtended warranties on all qualifying trucksCompetitive pricingFree auto – check for al pre-owned trucksIf we don’t have it we build itNo Charge fleet assessmentFinancing at competitive ratesStaffs are well trained, honest and Friendly

  4. They have the capabilities to build a mechanics trucks or for that matter mount an auto crane onto your used service trucks. They make use of their service cranes, hydraulic compressor, welding equipments and other important and minor accessories required by them to build for you used truck bodies and mechanics trucks to your specifications. A great deal of attention is paid to the type and quality of products that they use for building a work truck, they use truck mounted cranes to be mounted on your trucks that are manufactured by reputed companies such as Liftmoore cranes, Auto crane or IMT cranes; when it comes to truck mounted air compressor the company goes for brands that are manufactured by Ingersoll-Rand and VANAIR. The attention paid to the products installed has ensured for the company many satisfied customers who have brought for them a large number of referral business which includes commercial trucks and used truck bodies.

  5. If you are looking for reliable workmanship that has the expertise to have your used service trucks, mechanics trucks, commercial trucks, or used truck bodies that require to be mounted on different type of chassis we have the ability to carry forward the work. The chassis that are used by us for mounting your work truck are manufactured by Ford, GMC, Chevy, Dodge, Ken worth, Pete built, International and Freightliner Chassis. This will tell how much that we care for our customer’s complete satisfaction.

  6. We do agree that many of the works required by you require a financing option, and as part of our customer satisfaction drive we are able to offer you financing for the works you need to undertak; all you need to do is simply fill out the online application form made available and send it to us for our processing.

  7. We pay close attention to the needs of a fleet manager who looks for a synergy in controlling costs and maximizing truck productivity; we advise using smaller vehicles while not compromising cargo carrying needs which includes power train sizing; using of engine governors and light weight synthetic oils helps increase drain intervals, enhance fuel mileage and reduce engine sludge. When handling commercial trucks, or auto crane and other types of work truck building activities the most important factor to be considered is optimization of truck specifications, operating procedures and replacement strategies; this would ensure that a strategy is in place even before you start using these assets so that the fleet managers goal of optimizing truck productivity and controlling costs are met.