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Effective internal organizational structure of a think tank. Managing and coordinating the work of a think tank PowerPoint Presentation
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Effective internal organizational structure of a think tank. Managing and coordinating the work of a think tank

Effective internal organizational structure of a think tank. Managing and coordinating the work of a think tank

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Effective internal organizational structure of a think tank. Managing and coordinating the work of a think tank

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    1. Effective internal organizational structure of a think tank. Managing and coordinating the work of a think tank Ruta Vainiene, LFMI President

    2. What we already have? Idea, what to do Mission (in your head, we will draft it during the workshop) Solution to set up a think tank (may be the think tank is already registered, may be the think tank is already active for a certain time) Different starting (present) positions (from zero to substantial funds/resources, including time)

    3. So, you have to hire (get volunteers) people now Which positions? Which subordination? Which functions and responsibilities? How many? When? In staff or contracted/ outsourced? Who is the right person?

    4. Easy and difficult First part organizational structure. It is easy Second part management and coordination. It is a challenge

    5. Types of organizational structures Central Functional Linear Mixed All of them may be effective in a think tank.

    6. Central Effective for a new or a small think tank Until the President can personally manage the staff

    7. Functional Effective for a medium size think tank For continued constant activities

    8. Linear Suitable for large institutions with different activities, for example if one institution is engaged in policy advocacy and grassroots activities Or activities based on different projects

    9. Mixed

    10. Four must have: - Front office, which produces (develop ideas, make research, write books, analyze policies, etc) Back office, which helps producing Management, which takes decisions Supervision (Board), which brings the external insights and/or funds

    11. LFMI LFMI Council (12 persons at present) President Management board (not formalized) Vice-presidents (for research, for back office) Staff (experts and back office people)

    12. Conclusions on structure You decide which structure to apply You may change it, if there is a need There is no uniform rule, everyone invents its own best effective organizational structure Everything is in your hands! Structure is easy, managing and coordinating is a challenge

    13. Management and coordination

    14. If there is an organizations, there must be a plan The task of the non-profit manager is to try to convert the organizations mission statement into specifics Peter F. Drucker So, you must draw a plan (strategy) Goal is the major part of a plan Set up priorities for the best use of your limited resources Plan is fulfilled by the team

    15. People in a think tank I have never seen anything being done well unless people were committed. P. Drucker Commitment to idea versus commitment to a leader/personality (leaders, personalities) Can idea be alive without embodiment?

    16. People in a think tank Team Skills: clear thinking, easy (not clumsy) writing, powerful and expressive speaking The most difficult task in selecting people: can we go along? Do we share the same values? Leader (leaders) and a team: can not be viable without each other

    17. Few words about management techniques Management is communication Management theories and instruments ? Valid for think tanks? Personal example, learning, trust and respect

    18. Role of Action Decisions must be taken, not conserved Do is the critical word. Peter Drucker

    19. Internal communication (coordination) Face to face communication is still crucial in the world of virtual life LFMI experience: Meetings must be regular E-conference White board Clear deadlines Personal monthly plans Again every boss has its own method

    20. External communication (jut two sentences) Goal must be clear and precise, even if it is controversial (dont serve two masters) Try to reach the audience with tailored messages

    21. Thanks Do by doing and thinks be done! And dont forget the moto of this think tank school

    22. Task for a workshop Write a mission statement and draft the structure of a think tank which focuses on: Grassroots activities Education Policy advocacy

    23. Tax Payers Alliance The TPA's mission is: To reverse the perception that big government is necessary and irreversible To explain the benefits of a low tax economy To give taxpayers a voice in the corridors of power

    24. Who We Are Andrew Allum Chairman Profile Matthew Elliott Chief Executive Profile Florence Heath Profile Operations Sara Rainwater Operations Director Profile Emma Bennett Executive Assistant Profile Research Matthew Sinclair Director Profile John O'Connell Deputy Research Director Profile Jennifer Dunn Policy Analyst, Transport and the Environment Profile Dr Lee Rotherham Policy Analyst, EU Profile Mike Denham Research Fellow Profile Campaigns Emma Boon Campaign Manager Profile Fiona McEvoy West Midlands Campaign Agent Profile

    25. Mises Institute It is the mission of the Mises Institute to place human choice at the center of economic theory, to encourage a revival of critical historical research, and to advance the Misesian tradition of thought through the defense of the market economy, private property, sound money, and peaceful international relations, while opposing government intervention as economically and socially destructive.

    26. Mises Institute Founder and Chairman Director of Development President Administrative Assistant Editorial Vice President Publications Director Graphic Design Director Vice President Membership Services Director Customer Relations Management and back office Stylesheet Manager Receptionist Managing Editor Store Manager Accounting Director of Media, Graphic Designer Lead Developer Infrastructure Developer Coordinator Librarian / Archivist Financial Administrator

    27. Heritage foundation Founded in 1973, The Heritage Foundation is a research and educational institutiona think tankwhose mission is to formulate and promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.