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Alliance VISTA September Cohort Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Alliance VISTA September Cohort Meeting

Alliance VISTA September Cohort Meeting

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Alliance VISTA September Cohort Meeting

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  1. Alliance VISTA September Cohort Meeting Welcome!

  2. Training Agenda • Welcome Opening Circle • Group Photo • VISTA Elevator Speech • VISTA Reporting • Announcements • Closing

  3. VISTA Elevator Speech • EXAMPLE: My name is Samie Burnett and I am an AmeriCorps VISTA Leader serving at and hosted by Minnesota Alliance With Youth. As VISTA Leader, I build capacity within my organization to close the opportunity and achievement gaps in Minnesota by supporting VISTA members in partner organizations. I provide relevant trainings, professional development opportunities, and support each VISTA with their unique member needs.

  4. 2018/19 VISTA Host Sites

  5. CNCS State Office David Kreft VISTA State Office Contact info: • • 612-607-7803 • Develops, manages and monitors VISTA programs • Supports supervision of the VISTAs and intervenes in emergencies or difficult situations • Connects VISTA sites to resources and offers technical assistance • Monitors compliance for the project

  6. VISTA Reporting • Monthly Reflections • Reflect on the challenges and successes of your month • Due the last day of each month • Periodic Reports • 4 Periodic Reports and an End-of-Year Supplement • Due dates for Periodic Reports can be found in your Training Calendar (First report is due October 12th!)

  7. Monthly Reflections • Monthly Reflections are your chance to share the stories of your service! • Monthly Reflections include: • Stories and challenges this month • Professional Development updates • Personal and Sick time (including specific days) • Due on the last day of each month

  8. Periodic Reports • Submitted 5 times a year • 4 Reports and one End of Year Supplement • Provide updates on the progress made on the Host Site Capacity Building and Anti-Poverty goals

  9. Performance Measures • Performance measures are the quantitative parameters we use to track the progress and successes of your Project. • Performance measures are one of two categories: • Capacity Building • Anti-Poverty • All Sites have Capacity Building performances measures • Refer to your Host Site’s Performance Measures Handout to see if your project also uses Anti-Poverty PMs

  10. Capacity Building & Anti-PovertyPerformance Measures • Capacity Building PMs: • The Capacity Building PMs set a goal for the number of organizations and additional activities that the VSITA connects with or utilizes to build capacity for their Host Site. • Anti-Poverty PMs: • Anti-Poverty PMs set a goal for the number of students who complete a VISTA-supported education program, and the number of students who complete a VISTA supported education program AND demonstrate improved academic engagement.

  11. Personal and Sick Time

  12. Capacity Building Performance Measures

  13. Anti-Poverty Performance Measures

  14. Periodic Reporting FAQs All data submitted in periodic reports must be high quality and verifiable. Providing enough information and context is key. • Please be clear in listing organizations that received capacity building services – bullet points/numbering help! • Additional Activities include: leading trainings, meeting potential partners, writing curricula, developing resources and handouts, creating infographics, appeal letter and LOI templates, etc • Organizations must not be preexisting – they must be new • If your site has Anti-Poverty PMs, speak with your supervisors about how to approach those objectives

  15. Accommodations • Reasonable Accommodation Definition • Any change in the work environment or in the way things are usually done that enables an individual with a disability or medical condition to participate in the application process, to perform essential functions of a job, or to enjoy equal benefits and privileges of service that are available to individuals without disabilities.

  16. If you request an accommodation the following steps will happen: • a review of your service description will be done • a determination of difficulties that your disability causes in your performance of essential service functions • brainstorming of accommodations that can be provided • A requirement of the ADA is that all parties communicate in good faith regarding accommodations  • Any medical information is kept confidential unless disclosure is needed to process the request. If a disclosure of medical information is needed, recipients of information must maintain the requirements of confidentiality.

  17. Closing Announcements • PD Plans are in! • Outside employment forms • Reasonable Accommodations • We are still recruiting for PFs!

  18. Closing Announcements • Site visits will start in October • Next VISTA Cohort meeting is Thursday, October 11th • First Monthly Reflection is due September 28th • First Periodic Report is due October 12th

  19. Closing Thoughts • What thoughts are still sitting with you from today? • Are there anymore questions that you want to ask?