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Unit 4

Unit 4. Our Neighborhood At Work. Sound Spelling Review. y_. v. _le. gi_. a. i_e. ce. u. o. a_e. u_e. i. ge. ci_. o_e. Unit 4 Review. Sight Word Review. yes. all. were. after. back. ride. walk. over. we. well. make. them. you. go. like. must. Unit 4 Review.

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Unit 4

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  1. Unit 4 Our Neighborhood At Work

  2. Sound Spelling Review y_ v _le gi_ a i_e ce u o a_e u_e i ge ci_ o_e Unit 4 Review

  3. Sight Word Review yes all were after back ride walk over we well make them you go like must Unit 4 Review

  4. Day 1 Good morning! Have you ever thought about what work you might want to do when you grow up? What work do you want to do?

  5. Daily Language Review what didhe do Rewrite correctly Day 1

  6. Sight Words yes all Day 1

  7. van vest verb visit yell yet yam yarn canyon clever oven vanish barnyard riverbank yardstick Day 1

  8. Yes, Vic’s dad will visit his class. • Were Val and all her pets going to the vet in a van? Day 1

  9. rescue – to save from danger The firefighter will rescue the woman from the burning building. Day 1

  10. imagine – to picture in your mind When I read, I imagine that I am right there in the book. Day 1

  11. gliding – moving slowly and easily The skater is gliding across the ice. Day 1

  12. fancy – not plain or ordinary The packages look very fancy. Day 1

  13. Day 2 Good morning! We are reading and learning about work. People do different kinds of work. What is one kind of work that people do?

  14. Daily Language Review can shehelp Rewrite correctly Day 2

  15. Sight Words were Day 2

  16. Syllables with _le fiddle shuffle paddle Day 2

  17. wiggle dabble nimble candle axle sprinkle twinkle freckle medal middle model muffle lovable sinkable fixable memorable Day 2

  18. Val can see the stars twinkle. • The kittens felt a gurgle and rumble. Day 2

  19. protect – keep from harm The mother is protecting her child. Day 2

  20. deliver – take to The mailman is delivering the mail. Day 2

  21. volunteer – offer to help Some people work to earn money, or volunteer because they are needed. Day 2

  22. Day 3 Good morning! We are reading about work. What is one thing that you have learned about work?

  23. Daily Language Review did heseethe cat. Rewrite correctly Day3

  24. Sight Words back Day 3

  25. A’s my name. Two sounds I make: Short a in lamb, Long a in cake. Day 3

  26. Long a spelled a_e cake gave base state Day 3

  27. plan plane can cane able table maple label tape skate same whale cake plate apron fable Day 3

  28. The table is made of maple. • Dale got skates and games at the yard sale. Day 3

  29. Grammar: Exclamatory Sentences We watched a movie. Watch out for that car! Stop making that racket! The boys were noisy.

  30. Day 4 Good morning! Today we will read a poem about work. What is a poem? How is a poem different from a story?

  31. Daily Language Review have funat the pond. Rewrite correctly Day 4

  32. Count vowels & clap syllables labor silverware thunderstorm tablecloth baseball flavorful Unit 4 Lesson 4

  33. A’s my name. Two sounds I make: Short a in lamb, Long a in cake. Day 4

  34. stable staple cave mistake cradle candle handle puzzle mad made pat plate paperback handshake cupcake dressmaker Day 4

  35. Kate and Jane ate pancakes and bacon. • April baked a cake with Grant. Day 4

  36. steel – strong material used to make things like buildings and cars Workers make steel beams. Day 4

  37. Day 5 Good morning! Today you will begin your unit Inquiry work. Inquiry is another way to learn about work. The first step in Inquiry is to ask questions. What question can you ask about work?

  38. Daily Language Review you wonthe contest. Rewrite correctly Day 5

  39. Sight Words ride walk Day 5

  40. cap cape van vase quack quake yell yarn cradle stable simple dimple nametag barnyard nevermore yardstick Day 5

  41. Steven and Beth have backpacks. • Vic sits in the shade in the yard. Day 5

  42. Day 6 Good morning! Today we will read a story about the workers in one neighborhood. Who are some workers in our neighborhood?

  43. Daily Language Review this is fun Rewrite correctly Day 6

  44. I’s my name. Two sounds have I: Short i in pig, Long i in pie. Day 6

  45. Long i spelled i_e bike ride five mine Day 6

  46. Sight Words we well Day 6

  47. side file mile smile child wild title spider hid hide bit bite I’ve I’m I’ll I’d Day 6

  48. We will walk with Jill. • Mike can ride his bike well. Day 6

  49. nurse – a person who takes care of sick people The nurse works at my doctor’s office. Day 6

  50. Day 7 Good morning! We are reading a story about workers in a neighborhood. Some of the workers make things or sell things. What workers do you know about who make or sell things?

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