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Pereles Bros., Inc.

Pereles Bros., Inc.

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Pereles Bros., Inc.

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  1. Welcome To Pereles Bros., Inc.

  2. Insert Molding Expertise Pereles offers decades of experience designing and building tools for the insert molding process, including molding with metallic and non-metallic inserts. We utilize horizontal and vertical molding machines for manual or automated insert molding projects. The insert molding process provides quality assemblies and increases the opportunity for cost reductions through the elimination of excess labor, equipment and inventory management expenses. Insert molding simplifies the assembly process by decreasing the manufacturing steps required to produce a finished plastic product.

  3. Two-Shot Molding Pereles’ specialty vertical press creates a unique molding method that efficiently and consistently molds two colors, two materials (resins), and also allows for inserts to be molded in during a single press cycle. The two-shot molding process allows you to design more complex plastic parts with a high level of accuracy, molded with a high level of repeatability.

  4. The Right Materials for Every Job Pereles uses a variety of engineered thermoplastic resins including Thermoplastic Elastomers and Melt Processable Rubber (Alcryn) to produce plastic products. Choosing the appropriate materials is a critical factor for success. We partner with some of the industry's most respected thermoplastic resin providers, and provide the necessary data to assist our customers in the selection of those materials that will cost effectively yield the most reliable and functional products.

  5. Contact Us Pereles Bros., Inc. 5840 North 60th Street Milwaukee, WI 53218 414-463-1000