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Analog Marketing!

Analog Marketing!. Single Tasking!. Analog Marketing!. Slow Food!. Digitall Marketing!. Dig it all Marketing!. Insight!. or. Hindsight!. or. Out of sight!. What’s Digital and What’s Not?. eCommerce. eMail. eMarketing. sms. mms. ipTV. mCommerce. mMarketing. The Juggling Act!.

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Analog Marketing!

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  1. Analog Marketing!

  2. Single Tasking! Analog Marketing! Slow Food!

  3. Digitall Marketing!

  4. Dig it all Marketing!

  5. Insight! or Hindsight! or Out of sight!

  6. What’s Digital and What’s Not? eCommerce eMail eMarketing sms mms ipTV mCommerce mMarketing

  7. The Juggling Act! 445 mn 250 mn 175 mn 33 mn Internet Print Mobile Television Sources JuxtConsult IRS TRAI IRS

  8. Looking from the ‘long’ side of the telescope!

  9. Looking from the ‘near’ side of the telescope!

  10. A telescope that also doubles up as a microscope! Selective targeting Contextual targeting The ‘individualized’ mass medium of the future

  11. Male 19 – 35 years SEC ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ Works in the corporate world Owns a vehicle 82% 77% 73% 55% 63% Brand Consumers…………………….Netsumers! Internet represents the ‘mass’ as much as the class!

  12. It’s the dominant medium in their daily lives! • Daily access • Home 89% • Office 85% • Users with usage session of 2 hours or more • Home 36% weekday, 58% weekends • Office 40% weekday, 51% weekends • Users spending 2 hours or more daily on other mediums • TV 14% • Newspaper 2% (14% more than an hour) • Radio 10%

  13. It’s now a part of their living rooms! • On an average a net user undertakes over 15 activities online

  14. 900……………….…………………..……….…..3600!900……………….…………………..……….…..3600! It talks and ‘listens’ to them! • 82% internet users ‘interact’ on the medium • Its truly a ‘marketing’ medium, not just a ‘communication’ one • Great support vehicle for ‘surround sound’ impact • Great lead vehicle for ‘engaging’ the consumers It is not about reaching consumers but ‘staying’ top in their minds!

  15. A bird in the hand better than two in the bush! ?? CRM ?? One the greatest ‘unutilized’ benefit of this digital medium

  16. Female 19 – 35 years SEC ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ Housewife Has Children 18% 80% 74% 9% 6% The Big missing Piece in the Puzzle!

  17. Sum up… • Be prepared for a changing definition of digital world and digital marketing • In the meantime, leverage the internet for its strength: • Frequency and not reach • Selective and contextual targeting • Interact and engage, not just sell (CRM) • Beware of its 2 weaknesses – reach, women consumers • Practice ‘integrated’ marketing – ‘surround’ the consumer

  18. Time to swim not surf Dive in!

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