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The Play-Way Method Of Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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The Play-Way Method Of Learning

The Play-Way Method Of Learning

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The Play-Way Method Of Learning

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  1. Blog: Petite School House The Play-Way Method Of Learning The growing up stage is very crucial for children. They have a lot of energy due to their high metabolism rate, and their creativity, grasping power and application are also at their peak. They are like soft clay, which can be easily molded into a fine shape. This is also the stage when their schooling and training begin, so it is imperative that preschools, which lay the foundation of the learning and personality of the child, adopt interesting and attractive methods of teaching little children. Preschools are different from the other schools. These schools are created to cater to children of the ages of two and a half to three and a half years. There are many preschools in Northridge, California, which specialize in taking care of little children. They are schools and daycare centers where children enjoy a few hours while their parents go to work. These preschools are either a part of some established educational academies or are independent centers of education designed especially for very young children. The teachers are trained to understand the psychology and needs of the children. The different learning methods with the play way method are unique and suited to children’s different personalities. 1.Drawing is one method of teaching in a creative manner.

  2. Blog: Petite School House 2.Music: there is hardly a child who does not hum a catchy number. When values and mannerisms or games are taught musically, children readily adopt them. 3.Dance is another effective in attracting the attention of children and making them participate in learning willingly. 4.Poetry and Rhymes: small rhyming poetries go very well with children, and they learn quickly. 5.Action Songs: action songs are something all children love and repeat precisely as is taught to them. It is a quick learning method. 6.Storytelling: Storytelling develops the quality of attentive listening and focuses among children. They learn the use of new words. 7.Outdoor Games: games help in the physical growth and fitness of the children and develop team spirit in them. 8.Indoor games: indoor games develop the qualities of calculation, stability, patience and spontaneity in children.