human trafficking hides behind many masks n.
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Human Trafficking Hides Behind Many Masks PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Trafficking Hides Behind Many Masks

Human Trafficking Hides Behind Many Masks

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Human Trafficking Hides Behind Many Masks

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  1. Human Trafficking Hides Behind Many Masks

  2. Human Trafficking or Modern-Day Slavery is defined by Force, Fraud & Coercion

  3. When a person is forced against their will to perform a commercial sex act, under control, threats, psychological and physical manipulation. Sex Trafficking

  4. When a child (under the age of 18) is induced to conduct sexual acts. This includes forced pornography. This can result in psychological traumas, sickness, and even death. Child Sex Trafficking

  5. Kery Rodriguez was recently convicted of trying to sell a young teen for $10,000 right here in our own backyard.

  6. This involves harboring, recruitment, transportation, etc. The person is exploited to work for little or no pay and many times under threats, inhumane treatment, etc… Trafficking for Forced Labor

  7. May be informal work at a private residence. The person is not only used for domestic work butmany timessexually violated by their “Masters” Involuntary Domestic Service

  8. It is when a child appears to be under the custody of someone who is not their family and is required to do work, in order to acquire economic benefits. Examples include traveling sales crews. Child Labor

  9. Online social networks • Websites • Labor migrant camps • Massage parlors • Modeling agencies • Restaurants • Hotels • Nail salons • Traveling sales crews • Etc. • Rr Human Trafficking hides behind different masks as:

  10. Why Does Slavery Still Exist? ¨Slavery exists because there is a demand People desire cheaply made products and sex Traffickers and pimps alike prey on vulnerability There is minimal risk, and high return A kilo of cocaine can be used once, a person can be used numerous times, day-after-day, year-after-year

  11. What Can We Do? Let’s be a voice to those victims who can not speak!

  12. Get Involved • Our time • Our talent • Our treasure

  13. Power of Collaboration Advisory Council Key Community Leadership Executive Committee Dr. Anthony Davis James E.L. Seay Tomas J. Lares Jill B.Cohen Kim Brewster O.C. DVTF Holland & Knight Florida Abolitionist Lifeboat Project Orlando PD Vice Chair Member Chairman Vice Chair Secretary Camila Pachon Orange County Legal Aide MBI Representative Director DCF Representative

  14. Power of Collaboration Subcommittee Chair/Co-Chairs Awareness/Events Faith Alliance Legislative Policy Christine Andrus/Kallie Cogan Dr. Gretchen Kerr Alan Bryd/Kristin Mentzer Shed Light District Northland Church A.B. Associates/FL IJM Advocacy Grp Brevard County Housing/Shelter LGBTQ Dr. Anthony Davis/Phebe Powell Jill B. Cohen/Lindsey Phillips Dexter Foxworth East Coast HTTF/DCF Lifeboat Project/Deverux Zebra Coalition Commercially Sexually Exploited Children Labor Trafficking (Fair trade) Marion County Kimberly Grabert/Sue Aboul-Hosn Miguel Rodriguez Donna Guinn/Lisa Sickels Department of Children & Families Peace Builders Justice For Florida Ocala PD/Saint Leo College/University Outreach Lake County Multicultural Ryan Brackett Kimberly Grabert/Lt. Todd English Sandy Marun Johnson College DCF/Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office Mexican Consulate Demand Reduction Law Enforcement Osceola County Sue Moore Sgt. Patrick Guckian/Roland Clee Interviewing Forgiven Much Ministries Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation/Orlando PD Education/Prevention/Training Legal Services Victim Services Jill B.Cohen Camila Pachon Dr. M. Mendez/Dr. Leslie Gavin Lifeboat Project Orange County Legal Aide H.O.M.E./Nemours Children’s

  15. Greater Orlando Human Trafficking Task Force Contact Us: Email – Office - (407)244-5129 SAVE THE DATE – 6th Annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day at Lake Eola Amphitheatre on Saturday, January 25, 2014