if you see neolithic revolution n.
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If You See : Neolithic Revolution PowerPoint Presentation
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If You See : Neolithic Revolution

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If You See : Neolithic Revolution

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If You See : Neolithic Revolution

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  1. If You See: Neolithic Revolution Think of: End of the last “Ice Age” People began to settle = Civilizations developed- Major river valleys - Huang He, the Indus, and the Nile civilizations

  2. If You See: Brahma, dharma, and Moksha • Think Of: Hinduism

  3. This is a picture of Hagia Sophia. If you were to see a picture like this – think of the Byzantine Empire &/or Russia (Cyrillic alphabet).

  4. The economic wealth of Calicut, Mogadishu, and Venice in the 13th century was primarily dependent on their? If you were to see a similar question like the one above… you should automatically ponder what do these three things have in common… THINK! Well? They are grand coastal cities: coastal locations. Follow the same pattern for similar lining of questions… If there’s a question asking what do these three/four things have in common, find out what you know about at least ONE of them…. More times than not, that will eventually lead you to the correct answer… please trust me on this.

  5. If you see… Black Death You should automatically think of: - Mass deaths  A shortage of workers developed. -This originated from European trading and traveling to the east (China), where the Bubonic Plaque/Black Death began. - While the plague led to the Death of over 1/3 of Europe’s population, the Crusades, the trade and travel that stemmed from it played a huge role in ending feudalism(land based economic system).

  6. If you see… The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli Think of the: - The rise of prince’s/king’s political power. - Wrote his work during the Renaissance era. - Two most famous quotes: + “It’s better to be feared than to be loved.” + “The ends justifies the means.”

  7. Why were Peter I (the Great) Catherine I (the Great) similar Think in the sense that both: - Pursued a policy of westernization and expansion. - Sought after warm water ports (Since most of Russia is oft-cold/frozen, this was huge – for trade & trade = “life blood” of a given nation. - Promoted the arts and sciences – anything that advance their nation.

  8. What were the primary causes of WWI/The Great War? Think of: M.A.I.N. Causes – • Militarism • Alliances • Imperialism • Nationalism

  9. If you see The Real “Boxers”… think of: spheres of influence established in China by foreigners (Always carefully examine the information provided).Just remember: if you see the Boxer Rebellion, think of Chinese citizens being anti-western/anti-foreigner… China for Chinee. If you see The Real “Boxers”… think of: spheres of influence established in China by foreigners (Always carefully examine the information provided).Just remember: if you see the Boxer Rebellion, think of Chinese citizens being anti-western/anti-foreigner… China for Chinese.

  10. The leaders in this 1936 cartoon are depicted as “spineless” because they? Wished to follow the policy of appeasement = avoid war at all cost.

  11. Based on the information in this chart, which situation gave rise to Nazi power in Germany?

  12. If you see: Which factor aided Russian troops in defeatingNapoleon’s armies and Soviet forces in defeatingHitler’s armies? - Severe winters + tundra = frozen desert - Scorched Earth Policy - Though terrain/geography

  13. Based on this cartoon by Leslie Gilbert Illingworth, what role did “Old Man Winter” play in the defense of Russia? (always pay close attention to political cartoon – Review everything). Old Man Winter

  14. What is the best title for this map? Think of Japanese imperialism (for resources) – The Rape of Nanking (Human Rights violations)

  15. What does this painting illustrates? What’s the message?Think of a land based economic/political system: Feudalism… Think of the Middle Ages/Medieval Era.

  16. If you see… One way in which Toussaint L’Ouverture, Kwame Nkrumah, and Ho Chi Minh are similar is that each leader Think of: - Each fought to free their his country from European control. - Nationalism/Self-determination.

  17. If you see The Nuremberg laws… Think of: - anti-Semitic (Against Jews) laws of 20th- century Germany. - Rise of Nazism & Adolf Hitler. - These laws used Jews as scapegoats.

  18. If you see… Karl Marx Think of: - Father of Communism - He was born in Germany, but conducted most of his writing in England. - Spoke about a Communist Revolution: Bourgeoisie (Rich/Upper Middle Classes) vs. Proletariat (Working Class/Poor) - Conducted his work in the era of the industrial Revolution, spoke out against mistreatment of workers – underpaid/ deplorable working conditions.

  19. What’s the main point of this cartoon? While it’s not visible here, the political cartoon shows that the car’s bumper is titled, “corn powered” and the license plate reads “bio-fuel.”Through this cartoon, we learn that: using corn to make bio-fuels for automobiles will increase food shortages = increases famine/mass deaths.

  20. If You See: Great Wall of China • Think Of: Protect the Chinese from the nomadic tribes of northern and central Asia = the huns, tartars, Mongols, etc.

  21. If You See: Renaissance • Think of: Rebirth of the Classical Age – time of the ancient Greeks & Romans. • Bring back the arts, sciences, literature, etc = Their Golden Age • End of the Middle/ Dark Ages = Death/Dangerous.

  22. The Phoenicians - “Carriers of civilization” = Cultural diffusion. • Traded goods and spread ideas throughout the Mediterranean region = sea people. • Phonics = alphabet

  23. Carefully drawn calligraphy, Zen gardens, and the tea ceremony • Think Of: Early Japanese Culture/way of life. • Focused on traditionalism/impact of isolation, fear of Europe/foreign interaction.

  24. If You See: Mansa Musa (originated from Mali) • Think Of: Famous Hajj (pilgrimage) to Mecca = holy land of all Muslims. • Trade and travel – crossing the Sahara/N. Africa. • Connected to Salt for Gold Trade.

  25. If You See: Reformation • Think Of: Martin Luther & his 95 Theses • Printing Press – helped spread the word • Weakened the Catholic Church W/the start of several other Christian Churches. • Protesting the ills/wrongs of Catholic church.

  26. If You See: Crusades • Think Of: Fight for the Holy Land (Palestine/M.E) – Christians vs. Muslims. • Cultural Diffusion – interest in each others’ cultures. • European interest in the Asian goods/products.

  27. Encounter, Triangular Trade, Middle Passage, Encomienda, Columbian Exchange, etc. • Think Of: Slavery, Colonialism/Imperialism, exploitation, mass death of the natives and African populations/lands in the so-called, “New World.”

  28. Zheng He (Chinese) & Ibn Battuta (N. Africa/Muslim) • Think Of: Trading/Traveling to many distance lands • Cultural diffusion • Advanced navigation systems.

  29. Scientific Revolution or the Enlightenment • Think Of: Emphasis on the value of human reasoning • Break from the Middle/Dark Ages • Using science and logic to reach at everyday decisions.

  30. If You See: Simón Bolívar • Think Of: The George Washington of Latin America • The Great Liberator – working/fighting for self-rule/independence from European colonialism/imperialism.

  31. If You See: Industrial Revolution • Think Of: Factory production • Exploitation of workers – women & children • Vast pollution • Desire/need for an abundance of nat. resources.

  32. If You See: Meiji Restoration • Think Of: Modernization/Industrialization of Japan • Last Samurai – remember that movie. • Break from the past/traditionalism – Tokugawa Shoguns.

  33. Meiji Restoration = Westernization/Modernization of Japan

  34. If You See: 1938 Munich Conference • Appeasement – one of the major causes of WWII. • Helped to make Germany/Nazis stronger • Impact of the Great Depression.

  35. Mikhail Gorbachev, Glassnost, and Perestroika • Think Of: End of the Cold War – Early 1990s. • New freedoms – more democratic • Moving away from Communism.

  36. If You See: Bolshevik Revolution • Think Of: Birth of Communism/Reds in Russia = U.S.S.R. • Got rid of all western/capitalist/democratic policies • The rise of Lenin (N.E.P) and then Stalin (failed 5-Year Plans).

  37. If You See: Confucianism • Think Of: Filial Piety • Kids must honor/respect parents, elders, the dead, and gov’t authority. • The 5 relationships & Social Order

  38. If You See: The Treaty of Versailles • Think Of: The “War Guilt Clause” – Blame Germany for causing the WWI – and played a major role in A. Hitler and Nazis’ rise to power. • Reparations

  39. Geographic characteristic shared by both Greece and Japan • Think Of: Archipelago – group, row, or chain of island • Irregular coastline = perfect for shipping/trading • Lacked arable land & natural resources – Conquest of other lands for what was lacking.

  40. Martin Luther (95 Theses), John Calvin (new bible), and Henry VIII (6 wives/new religion = Anglicanism) • Think Of: Protestant Reformation throughout Europe • Weakened the power/authority of the Catholic church • Creation of several different Christian sects.

  41. If You See: Marco Polo • Think of: Interest in Asian cultures increased • Later lead to colonialism/imperialism of Asia = resources, labor force, and rich/strategic land.

  42. North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) 1994 or the European Union (EU) post WWII • Think Of: Trade unions • Interdependence – working together for economic and political unity - reduce trade barriers between member nations • Does away with many trade obstacles, i.e. tariffs.

  43. Hungarian Revolution in 1956 and the Tiananmen Square demonstrations in 1989? • Think Of: Repressive action was taken to end both protests. • Students/citizens protesting against Communist gov’ts stronghold/dictatorial rule. • Wanting more freedoms – western style of gov’t.

  44. If You See: Laissez- faire economics Think Of: • Free Markets/trade • Capitalism • Little to no gov’t interaction in business – May the “best” win. • America and Western/democratic nations.

  45. If You See: Human Rights Violations • Jews – Holocaust/WWII and throughout history • Cambodians – Genocide of over 2 million people at the hands of Pol Pot. • Rwanda (1994) Hutus killed approximately 1 million Tutsi, while the U.S./U.N. absolutely nothing. • Nanking – Genocide and Gendercide by the Japanese. • Armenians – Genocide by the Turks • Iraq – Kurds were killed in great numbers by S. Hussein

  46. If You See: • The fight in the Middle East for the Holy land/Palestine = Muslims vs. Jews. Non-stop blood baths year after after.