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Less clicks, more buys PowerPoint Presentation
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Less clicks, more buys

Less clicks, more buys

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Less clicks, more buys

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  1. Snap Checkout™ Overview • Less clicks, more buys

  2. Drive in-the-moment transactions with a checkout cart designed for impulse purchases & fast payments. By offering and selling ONLY one item, Snap Checkout™ does one thing and does it well. It completes the funnel with less clicks, resulting in more buys. Snap Checkout™ Introduction

  3. What are some Use Cases for Snap Checkout™? Direct Mail Web & Social Media Ads Introduction Televised Offers Product Stuffers Bill Payment Reminders

  4. “It seems that perfection is finally attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away.” – Antoine de Saint Exupéry

  5. 66% Of the smart phone and tablet owners that have attempted to make a purchase on their device Introduction failed to complete the transaction due to obstacles encountered during checkout. Source: Jumio 2013 Mobile Consumer Insights

  6. Nearly half Introduction said they failed to complete a purchase because the checkout process took too long. Source: Jumio 2013 Mobile Consumer Insights

  7. The problem isn’t the consumer, it’s the process

  8. The Checkout Process • Call to action • Offer landing page • Customer information • Shipping information • Billing information • Select payment method • Payment information • Confirmation • Finish Less Clicks, More Buys Identify the customer & payment information in one step

  9. The Six Fundamentals of Snap Checkout™ • Device Agnostic • Lightweight & Fast • Simple & Distraction Free • Reinforces Throughout • Stresses Urgency • Test, test, test… Less Clicks, More Buys Snap Checkout can run multiple offers simultaneously, we help you find what works and make it better, we never accept the baseline

  10. Who are Snap Checkout’s Pre-launch Partners? Less Clicks, More Buys

  11. What Channels can Snap Checkout™ Support? • Mobile Campaigns • Social Media Advertising Less Clicks, More Buys More targeted

  12. What is Snap Checkout™ Built on? Snap Checkout™ uses a specialized version of GoMo Market™, specifically engineered for simultaneous offers, multiple channeled access, and lightning fast speed. Less Clicks, More Buys Click here for platform overview

  13. What are some ways to Drive Customers to Snap Checkout™? Less Clicks, More Buys It’s easy and secure to order from your phone Text Renewto 51684 Targeted Text Messages Scan Tap Personalized Direct Mail

  14. What do Customers See? Less Clicks, More Buys

  15. Snap Checkout in Action Visit Less Clicks, More Buys Scan

  16. The First Instance of Snap Checkout™ Less Clicks, More Buys

  17. What does it all mean?

  18. Features your customers may not notice, but your funnel will with Snap Checkout™ • Unbelievably fast – loads in less than half a second • Human-first design – distraction free & usability tested • Web-based – no app to download • Personalized call to action – auto filled information • MasterPass built-in – trusted brand & peace of mind • Multiple payment options – gives customers choices Less Clicks, More Buys

  19. What Snap Checkout™ brings to your marketing efforts • Cloud-based and is easy to use • Built-in mobile marketing tools • Manage multiple offers at once • Comparative reports for split testing • Plugs into existing customer databases • Payment processor options • MasterPass, PayPal, and Google Wallet ready Less Clicks, More Buys

  20. How Much Does it Cost? Less Clicks, More Buys

  21. Planning Next Steps Less Clicks, More Buys

  22. Let’s Get Started with Snap Checkout™

  23. Snap Checkout™ Use Cases

  24. Direct Mail – Subscriptions The Problem: Brian receives an offer to renew his magazine subscription by sending in a subscription renewal card and a check. His checkbook is somewhere in the den and he’s out of stamps. He says he’ll get to it later, but ends up missing the deal. Our Solution: Brian receives an offer to renew his magazine subscription. On the offer is a call to action which enables him to scan a QR code to go directly to checkout. He renews his subscription in under 5 minutes. Complete Solutions Go Back

  25. Printed & Televised Offers The Problem: Susan is at home watching TV she sees a limited time offer for a blender that she has to have. She calls the 800 number and waits on hold for 10 minutes. She gets distracted by the dog barking and realizes that he needs to go out. She hangs up. Our Solution: Susan sees a limited time offer for a blender. The TV says there’s a special offer if she texts-in to purchase. She does and gets a message with a link offering 2 for the price of 1. She clicks the link and the offer is reinforced, stressing the limited quantity. She completes the purchase in under 5 minutes. Complete Solutions Go Back

  26. Social Media & Web Ads The Problem: Jack is visiting a website. He sees a banner ad for cupcakes from his girlfriend’s favorite bakery sponsored by his credit card company. He clicks on the ad and is transported to a landing page site where each page asks him for more and more information. He abandons his cart and goes to a different site. Our Solution: Jack is visiting a website and sees the same banner ad sponsored by his credit card company. He’s able to purchase the cupcakes without leaving the website. He felt secure while doing it thanks to MasterPass and it took him less than 60 seconds to buy. Complete Solutions Go Back

  27. Product Warranties and Add-ons Complete Solutions The Problem: Simone has just bought a new computer. The sales rep tried to sell Simone an extended warranty, but Simone wanted to come back later to get the warranty. She forgets about the extended warranty’s benefits and doesn’t come back. Our Solution: Simone bought the computer and heard the sales rep’s pitch, but remains unconvinced. She goes home, opens the computer, and finds a card explaining the extended warranty’s benefits in a different light. She’s able to act on her impulse and buy the warranty immediately. Go Back

  28. Bill Pay & Insurance Premiums Our Solution: Amy is signed up for automatic bill reminders from her insurance company. Each month she’s texted a reminder with a link to pay instantly. She usually pays with her MasterCard, so its already stored for her. It takes her one minute to pay her bill. She pays every month, on time. The Problem: Amy receives this month’s bill for her car insurance. On the due date she writes a check and sends it in the mail. Her payment arrives 5 days late. Her insurance company already called her to remind her; she doesn’t feel like her insurance company believes her. Complete Solutions Go Back

  29. GoMo Platform Architecture Client User Admin Client Backend Systems User Dashboard API Interfaces GoMo Campaign GoMo Chat GoMo Market Group text messaging Voting Coupons Regimens Two-way SMS chat 1:1 and 1:many Intelligent routing Mobile web commerce Rewards management Store management Appendix Application Two-way secure chat Message templates Message expiration Ensemble Sweepstakes Diary cards Group email messaging Mobile app commerce Wallet Management Snap Checkout™ GoMo Service Bus (Internal API) Middleware J2EE Architecture Authentication & ACL Social media integration Database Search Personalization Variables Reporting and analytics Scheduling Video, image, & audio upload Shared Services & Transport Subscriber import Rewards International Forms/Survey tool Payments and financial management Workflow Messaging (secure) Hosting SMS Email App push Voice KEY: Secure Storage Separate MySQL Reporting Database Wireless Carriers & ISPs MySQL Redundant Databases = Exists = Future Go Back