weld camera technology n.
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Welding Camera Technology PowerPoint Presentation
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Welding Camera Technology

Welding Camera Technology

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Welding Camera Technology

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  1. Weld camera technology

  2. WELDING, the fusing of the surfaces of two workpieces to form one, is a precise, reliable, cost-effective, and “high-tech” method for joining materials. No other technique is as widely used by manufacturers to join metals and alloys efficiently and to add value to their products. Many of the familiar objects in modern society could not be produced without the use of welding and use a welding camera for operator assisted manufacturing.

  3. Key benefits by using a welding camera include • Increase in quality and productivity • Traceability • Fault Determination

  4. The welding environment of the past was frequently viewed as dark, dirty, and dangerous. However education and training are increasing the awareness of workers and companies in the industry.  The shop floor is a healthier, cleaner work space than the past. Welding techniques, tools and technology have also improved bringing with it increases in productivity and quality.  The welding camera has helped, in its own way, move the trend forward. - See more at:

  5. A welding camera supports industry trends and objectives • Developed and developing welding technologies are making a positive impact on the modern factory floor. Workforce demands, government regulations, changing business practices, and increasing environmental awareness will drive the manufacturing environment to be quieter, cleaner, healthier, safer, and “friendlier” for workers

  6. Dynamic Range advances welding camera capabilities • A human eye is hard to beat when it comes to spectral range. Today high dynamic range video makes it possible for a welding camera to approach that of a human eye.  A welding camera is normally used in the implementation of automation, for applications where remote visualization is required, research, and quality assurance. The weld camera of today brings opportunity for easier and quicker setup as there is less reliance on filters for light management

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