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Pre-Columbian I II. Early Explorers. Spanish Conquest. English Conquest. 100. 100. 100. 100. 100. 200. 200. 200. 200. 200. 300. 300. 300. 300. 300. 400. 400. 400. 400. 400. 500. 500. 500. 500. 500.

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  1. Pre-Columbian I II Early Explorers Spanish Conquest English Conquest 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500

  2. These “Indians” were wiped out byColumbus and his successors in theNew World.

  3. The Taino Indians in the Caribbean Islands.

  4. These “Indians” once ruled overCity-States in Guatemala, andthroughout much of Central America.

  5. The Maya


  7. These two Indiana Jones movieshave scenes concerning archeologyadventures at mythical Pre-Columbian sites

  8. Their great civilization was centeredin Tenochtitlan in the middle ofLake Texcoco in Mexico.

  9. The Aztec

  10. Their great civilization in South America thrived in the Andes Mountains region.

  11. The Inca

  12. The last great leader of the Aztecs prior to their demise at the handsof the Conquistadores.

  13. Montezuma

  14. The great Incan city of Machu Picchuwas located 7,000 feet above level in what is now this South American country.

  15. Peru

  16. This great ancient civilizationhad no known written language,communicated effectively onan extensive system of roadsusing coded “knot” messageson ropes carried by long distancerunners.

  17. The Incan Civilization

  18. This great ancient civilizationhad the symbols of the cactus, eagle,and a snake in their legends…which are now the symbols ofthe Mexican flag.

  19. The Aztec Civilization

  20. These two Meso-Americancivilizations built temples forastronomical and astrologicalstudy…as well as for ritualhuman sacrifices.

  21. The Maya and Aztec

  22. In 1492 he “sailed the ocean blue”…thinking he would arrive in the“Indies” of Asia.

  23. Christopher Columbus

  24. His voyage to the New World wasshown in his maps, widely circulatedin Europe bearing his name…and probably influencing thenames of two “new” continents.

  25. Amerigo Vespucci

  26. His crew successfully circumnavigated the world, but he did not survive a battle withnatives in the Philippine Islands.

  27. Ferdinand Magellan

  28. This French explorer was in the Great Lakes region, and battled with Iroquois warriors duringfirst contact. A lake dividingNew York and Vermont was namedin his honor.

  29. Samuel du Champlain

  30. This explorer sailed for the Dutchand the English looking for a“northwest passage”. He has a rivernamed after him, but he perished at the hands of his mutinous crewon an ill fated trip in another large body of water named after him

  31. Henry Hudson

  32. Fearing this conquistador was actually a returning god namedQuetzalcoatl, this horse riding,armored, blunderbuss firingstranger was allowed by theAztecs to enter their capital city.

  33. Hernando Cortez

  34. This conquistador arrived at exactlythe right time to defeat Athualpa and his Incan Empire, as they were divided in a civil war.

  35. Francisco Pizarro

  36. The Conquistador Balboa is believed to be the firstEuropean to ever see this traveling East to West.

  37. Pacific Ocean

  38. This Native American uprising in 1580 in theold “southwest” was brutallyavenged by Spanish authorities.

  39. The Pueblo Revolt

  40. The Treaty of Tordesilles in 1494,by Papal decree, divided the new lands across the Atlantic Oceanbetween the empires of Spain andher great maritime rival…

  41. Portugal

  42. Jamestown survived “starving time”with the help of local NativeAmerican Chief Powhatan and his teenage daughter…

  43. Pocahontas

  44. The Pilgrims overcame their struggles to adapt to New Worldfarming with the help of thisNative American friend

  45. Squanto

  46. These New England wars resulted in the annihilation and/or enslavementof the Native Americans who oncehad traded peacefully with thePilgrims.

  47. The Pequot Wars

  48. These two colonies were established on the principle of religious tolerance.

  49. Maryland and Rhode Island

  50. This rebellion in 1675 resulted in a great shift from indentured servitudeto an increased use of African chattel slavery in Virginia and the SouthernColonies.

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