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Annual Congregational Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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Annual Congregational Meeting

Annual Congregational Meeting

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Annual Congregational Meeting

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  1. Annual Congregational MeetingJanuary 27, 2013E A S T M I N S T E R P R E S B Y T E R I A N C H U R C H

  2. Annual Congregational Meeting • Prayer • Staff Reports • Session and Deacon Teams • Budget Presentation • Approval of the Pastors’ Calls • Pastor’s Report • Prayer

  3. Staff Reports • Associate Pastor, Rev. J. Blake Hudson • Director of Christian Education, Hubie Mann • Director of Music Ministry, Eileen Moremen • Director of Eastminster Christian Preschool, Margaret Gibbs • Campus Minister, The Journey KSU, Dan Boles

  4. Rev. J. Blake Hudson - Associate Pastor @ EPC Pastor Things • Overjoyed to be leading worship and grateful for the opportunities to preach on Sunday mornings • Excited to help the new Deacon Board get off the ground and learn how best we can serve the people of EPC • Extremely excited for the continued growth of the youth ministries as well as reaching out and helping youth families • Humbled to be serving alongside my lovely wife in different areas, but especially youth and worship Youth Ministry • During Sunday School, three separate youth classes (6-7th Grades, 8th Grade, 9-12th Grades) meet to study the Word. This includes our brand new, year long Confirmation Class, which includes a discipleship journal, field trips, and even movie nights at the Hudson house! • Youth Group on Sunday nights continues to be the most busy, energetic and exciting evening of the week for our youth ministry. But like every youth event, what makes it special is the presence of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit! Starting in August, the Junior and Senior High split to meet separately, which has increased attendance, excitement, and the decibel level of the CLC. • Wednesday Night Bible Study has expanded in two ways. First, the youth have an extended fellowship time from 5-6 PM. Second, the boys and girls now meet separately for Bible Study. This has served to increase participation and community. • Finally, we’re starting a push to get the youth connected to EPC via Facebook, Twitter, and texting. Additionally, the new website allows the youth ministry to be all the more informative and up to date with the youth and their families! What We Need • We are always looking for new youth advisors or chaperones, both for weekly events or special trips and outings! • Your prayers for continued growth and consistent attendance in every aspect and level of our youth ministry Summer Trips • This past year, the youth went on a mission trip to New Orleans and attended the Great Escape (Junior High) and Fun In The Son (Senior High youth conferences. Over fifty youth attended these separate trips! • This upcoming year, we will be going on a mission trip to Savannah, GA and attending The Great Escape and Fun In The Son.

  5. Director of Christian Education - Hubie Mann • Attendance in Christian Life Training • Attendance is on the rise this year. We started off in January with an average Sunday morning attendance of 45 children & youth plus 60 adults (105 total). We finished the year averaging 72 children & youth plus 88 adults (160 total). • “Milestones” Program • Supplements the regular Sunday morning curriculum in our children’s classes. This year our Pre-K/Kindergarten class is learning about the Doxology, the 1st/2nd graders are learning about the Lord’s Prayer, and our 3rd-5th graders have all been presented with NIV Children’s Study Bibles and are being taught to use them! • S.L.A.M! • A new mid-week children’s program called S.L.A.M. (Serving God, Loving others, And Making a joyful noise) includes 30 minutes of choir and 30 minutes of Bible lessons on Wednesdays from 5-6pm.

  6. Director of Music Ministry – Eileen Moremen • Music Ministry • Road Praise Team, Children’s Choirs, Eastminster Ringers, Chancel Choir, Guest Instrumentalists and Visiting Artists • Special Celebrations: • Fortieth Anniversary Concert, Annual Ecumenical Celebration, Lent, Holy Week, Advent Lessons and Carols…and all the weeks in between! • Come Join Us: • Contact Eileen for opportunities!

  7. Director of the Preschool – Margaret Gibbs • Our teachers are the lifeblood of our preschool-they are creative and teach from their hearts. • We are excited to offer a Young 5’s class in the fall. • Enrollment open’s soon. We praise God for blessing this ministry.

  8. Campus Minister, The Journey KSU- Dan Boles A disciple-making mission of EPC serving Jesus Christ at Kennesaw State. • Why is The Journey Needed? • 25,000 students at KSU, few followers of Christ. Of those who identify as followers of Christ, few have the knowledge and disciplines needed to understand and fulfill their calling to follow and honor Christ in all things. • Four Primary Programs: • One-on-One Discipleship; Journey Groups (6 groups w/ approx. 33 students); Monday Night Gathering; “Big Events” (Mission Trip, Retreats, PASSION Conference) • Current Needs: • Funding the 2013 Budget ($55,000); Logo/Web re-design; Outreach-friendly materials; Mission Trip Scholarships ($250 per student to attend March 2013 to NOLA)

  9. Deacon Board • Leaders: • Moderator: KedrickDaw • Vice Moderator: Kevin French • Secretary: Beth Hartt • Mission • Set forth in Acts 6:3 “My friends, choose seven men who are respected and wise and filled with God's Spirit. We will put them in charge of these things.” • Ministry is one of compassion, witness, and service to God’s Church

  10. Deacon Board Three Teams • Building & Grounds: Chris Foster, Jack Williams, KedrickDaw • Facility maintenance, repairs, and security • Schedule and manage use of building • Hospitality: Ellen Beard, Linda Zollweg, Karen Miller • Coordinate Wed Night Dinners and Sun Fellowship Time • Coordinate special events such as funerals and weddings • Nurture: Beth Hartt, Kevin French • Coordinate care and prayer for congregation • Ministries including Shut In, Transportation, and Shepherd

  11. Session Teams • Administration & Personnel • Christian Education • Evangelism • Facility Ministry • Fellowship and Family • Mission • Stewardship & Finance • Worship

  12. Administration and Personnel Tend to the flock of God that is your charge, not by constraint but willingly, not for shameful gain but eagerly, not as domineering over those in your charge, but being examples to the flock. I Peter 5: 2-3 • Elders: Tom Nickles and Bill Freeman • Mission: • To faithfully administer to the staff and volunteers ensuring they are provided with the resources to perform their mission to the glory of God and represent God’s love to the congregation and community. • One thing we’re excited about this year: • Having a full Ministerial and support Staff that works well together. This helps us to find better ways to care for the Staff and inform the Congregation. We are excited about our new Denominational change and how this will allow us to better serve the total Staff.

  13. Christian Education • Elders: Don Fifield and Carolyn Waters • Mission: • “The mission of the Christian Education Ministries is to foster the spiritual growth of each and every member, from the youngest to the oldest, in the knowledge and application of God’s word in our daily lives.” • One thing we’re excited about this year: • Providing many opportunities for Christian Life Training on Sunday and throughout the week for children, youth and adults that will equip them to serve the body of Christ as multiplying disciples of Jesus Christ.

  14. Evangelism • Elders: Teri Capparucci and Valerie Mote • Mission: • We value where God has placed us in East Cobb to minister to our neighbors. As such we want to promote what is wonderful about His ministry here at Eastminster and welcome all those who come through our doors. • One thing we’re excited about this year: • Promoting the ministry of Eastminster and working with prospective members to move them into membership.

  15. Facility Ministry • Elders: Mike Adams and Leslie Michael • Mission: • The facilities team strives to communicate, to visitors and the community, Eastminster’s commitment to the Gospel thru the aesthetics of the facilities and grounds. We also want to ensure the facility works efficiently for all who use it, both currently and in the long term. • One thing we’re excited about this year: • Implementing the approved plan to upgrade the décor of the CLC entrance so that it reflects Eastminster’s commitment to the Gospel.

  16. Family and Fellowship • Elders: Sarah Nielsen and Bob Gilbert • Mission: • We are a caring church family that meets the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of our members, as well as offering a compassionate heart to our neighbors and community • One thing we’re excited about this year: • Reaching out to members who we have not seen in some time and welcoming them home to worship with us at Eastminster!

  17. Mission • Elders:  Dick Dubose, Mark Shreiner • Mission:  • “To provide the members of Eastminster opportunities to serve as the hands and feet of Christ in our community, state, country and world, through missional giving and acts of service.” • One thing we’re excited about this year: • The mission team strives to provide the congregation with mission opportunities locally, nationally and internationally and engage the congregation in support of these missions.  From our East Cobb area, to the poorest county in the U.S., to the highlands of Kenya and all points in between, Jesus encourages Eastminster to reach out in His love to all our neighbors.

  18. Stewardship & Finance • Elders: Eric Horton and Walt Keller • Mission: • Encouraging and Equipping our members to share their time, talents, and treasure, while responsibly managing our financial resources.” • One thing we’re excited about this year: • Welcoming the newly formed Board of Deacons which increases the Eastminster leadership team and provides more Stewardship opportunities for the congregation to share their time and talents.

  19. Worship • Elders: Andrew Sain and Courtenay Frew • Mission: • To fill Eastminster with the Holy Spirit through meaningful worship services that provide scriptural truths from the Holy Bible, inspirational/educational sermons from our ministers, the faithful administration of Holy sacraments, musical praise for our Lord and Savior, opportunities for reflection and prayer by the congregation, and spiritual love for one another.” • One thing we’re excited about this year: • Continued growth in worship attendance and new volunteers

  20. Session Presentations • Total Projected Operating Budget 2013: $ 1,167,000 (including Preschool, Journey KSU, and Missions) • Amount Projected from Giving 2013: $ 938,000 (other income $191,000) • Approving the Pastors’ Calls for 2013: • Rev. J. Blake Hudson • Dr. Timothy P. McConnell

  21. Associate Pastor Terms of Call Rev J. Blake Hudson20122013 Approved as presented

  22. Senior Pastor Terms of Call Approved as presented

  23. Pastor’s Report • Highlights of 2012 • Challenges and Opportunities of 2013

  24. Prayer and Doxology Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below. Praise Him above ye heavenly host. Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

  25. Annual Congregational MeetingJanuary 27, 2013E A S T M I N S T E R P R E S B Y T E R I A N C H U R C H