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Fast Food

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Fast Food - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fast Food. Why fast food is so popular in U.S.?. Fast Convenient Cheap. Advantages. Not healthy Fat Not fresh. Disadvantages. McDonald’s Burger King Taco Bell Taco Time Carl’s Jr. Pizza Hut Domino’s Pizza. Fast food restaurants. Do you eat fast food?. Chart 1.

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Fast Food

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Fast Food Why fast food is so popular in U.S.?

    2. Fast Convenient Cheap Advantages

    3. Not healthy Fat Not fresh Disadvantages

    4. McDonald’s Burger King Taco Bell Taco Time Carl’s Jr. Pizza Hut Domino’s Pizza Fast food restaurants

    5. Do you eat fast food? Chart 1

    6. Do you think fast food is good for your health? Chart 2

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    8. Burger King

    9. McDonald’s

    10. Do you want look like this?