spring 2014 info session upstate new york synod n.
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Spring 2014 Info Session Upstate New York Synod PowerPoint Presentation
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Spring 2014 Info Session Upstate New York Synod

Spring 2014 Info Session Upstate New York Synod

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Spring 2014 Info Session Upstate New York Synod

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  1. Spring 2014 Info SessionUpstate New York Synod 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering Rise Up Together

  2. Introductions • Introduce yourself, sharing your: • Name • Church and city • Have you been to a Gathering before? • What are you most excited about in 2015?

  3. 2015 ELCA Youth GatheringPromo Video

  4. 2015 ELCA Youth GatheringGathering 101

  5. ELCA Gathering 101 • A triennial (every 3 years) Gathering of the youth of the ELCA • Not only the largest youth gathering in the ELCA, but THE LARGEST GATHERING OF ANYONE IN THE ELCA!

  6. ELCA Gathering 101 • Who can go? • Youth currently in grades 7-11 • Adult Leaders: must be 21 by July 15, 2015 • Adult Leader note: be aware that you are going as a part of the faith formation of youth, NOT as “vacation” or reliving your past youth experience at past Gatherings! • 1:10 adult to youth ratio min • 1:5 adult to youth recommended

  7. ELCA Gathering 101 • 33,309 youth and adults were in New Orleans in 2012 • Univ. at Buffalo: 32,324 (students & faculty) • Jamestown, NY: 31,146 • Elmira, NY: 29,200 • Watertown, NY: 27,023

  8. ELCA Gathering 101 • The Gathering is a 5-day experience, moving from city to city • It predates the ELCA (there was actually a Gathering in Detroit in the 1960s) • Service and giving back to host cities has become a priority since the 2009 Gathering

  9. ELCA Gathering 101 • Other cities the Gathering has been in: • Atlanta (1994, 2003) • New Orleans (1997, 2009, 2012) • St. Louis (2000) • San Antonio (2006) • Detroit (2015)

  10. ELCA Gathering 101Gathering Mission • The ELCA Youth Gathering, a unique community by size and scope, exists to accompany young people in their faith journey, to claim their baptismal identity, and articulate their faith in Jesus Christ.

  11. ELCA Gathering ThemeRise Up Together • Our theme is “Rise Up Together” • Based on the Gospel of Mark • Centered on the entire story, life and mission of Jesus • Similarly, we will experience the whole story and life of Detroit

  12. Why Detroit? • Not a “destination city” like New Orleans or Orlando • Very negative picture of Detroit painted by the media of violence, bankruptcy, inadequate services, etc. • Already hearing of fears about Detroit

  13. Why Detroit? • Detroit is not unlike some cities in our own Synod • We only hear about what the media tells us, not the WHOLE story of the city • ELCA Gathering staff actively working on safety & security • Would Jesus avoid a place like Detroit?

  14. Why Detroit?There’s more to the story

  15. Why Detroit?There’s more to the story

  16. Why Detroit?There’s more to the story

  17. Why Detroit? • Detroit is where Christ is calling this Gathering to serve with and learn from the people in 2015 • Many in Detroit think “that’s really nice, but they won’t come” • Let’s work to change that!!!

  18. Gathering OverviewA day in the life…

  19. Gathering OverviewA day in the life.. • Daily life consists of: • Experiencing your 3-day track rotation (service, discipleship, learning) • Mass Gathering at Ford Field (evenings) • Community Life (during the day and after Mass Gathering • Final 15 • Eating, sleeping, exploring & playing in between

  20. Gathering Overview3-day track rotation • Proclaim Community • Proclaim Justice • Proclaim Story • Your wristbands you will receive determine which days you rotate through these areas

  21. Gathering OverviewProclaim Community • 2012=Practice Peacemaking • Your day at the Interaction Center at the Cobo Center downtown

  22. Gathering OverviewProclaim Community • Learn about and experience hands-on the many ministries and issues the ELCA is active in • Tinkletown, hunger, social justice, healthcare, etc. • Fun activities too!

  23. Gathering OverviewProclaim Justice • 2012=Practice Justice • A day of service and learning in Detroit

  24. Gathering OverviewProclaim Justice • You head to a launch site (2 sites), board a bus for your activity • Many hands-on service opportunities, you will be asked to bring basic supplies (ex: work gloves) to be ready to work • You will be assigned an Interest Area at random…

  25. Gathering OverviewProclaim Justice • 6 Interest Areas: • Care in Communities; Cultural Immersion/Arts; Education; Environmental Sustainability; Food/Food Justice; Housing

  26. Gathering OverviewProclaim Justice • Not all service activities may be hands-on, “down and dirty” • Head into Gathering with open expectations, allow the Spirit to work

  27. Gathering OverviewProclaim Story • 2012=Practice Discipleship • This is the day our Synod will gather • Also known as “Synod Day”

  28. Gathering OverviewProclaim Story • AM=out in the community doing a guided learning experience • PM=gather together for debrief of experience, worship and interaction

  29. Gathering OverviewMass Gathering • Happening at Ford Field • Home of Detroit Lions football • Each evening featuring music, speakers, worship, and more • Sunday morning closing worship

  30. Gathering OverviewCommunity Life • Happens wherever and whenever community happens • Food trucks outside Ford Field before evening Mass Gatherings • After-hours parties, dances, concerts and more at various sites

  31. Gathering OverviewCommunity Life • New daytime happenings in Cobo Center • Food, music, Prayer chapel, labyrinth, rest area, place to store day supplies you may need*

  32. Gathering OverviewFinal 15 • Final 15 is a day-ending devotion time designed to be done at ~10:45 pm • Designed to be done anywhere you happen to find yourself (community life, hotel, on the streets, in the van, etc.) • Very important check-in time, unpacking of the day, re-centering and prayer

  33. Gathering OverviewOut and About in Detroit • LOTS of great things to discover in Detroit!!! • Urban Parks • Diverse Neighborhoods • Food • Museums, zoo, cultural attractions, etc. • And more! • YES: there is Tim Hortons!!! (WNY reference)

  34. Gathering OverviewOut and About in Detroit • Resources to Check out: • “Belle Isle to 8 Mile: An Insiders Guide to Detroit” ($22 + $6 s&h) • • • (great map!)

  35. Gathering OptionsSomething for everyone

  36. Gathering OptionsSomething for everyone • For everyone: ELCA Youth Gathering • Also available: • Multicultural Youth Gathering (MYLE) • Definitely Abled Youth Gathering (DAYLE) • Both happen July 12-15, additional registration ($175 all inclusive), do not need to move for the Gathering

  37. Gathering OptionsSomething for everyone • For everyone: ELCA Youth Gathering • Also available: • Interfaith Track: limited openings for a special 3-day rotation with an interfaith focus (large Muslim community in Detroit) • “Proclaim Justice through Understanding” • Sign up as a group (315 person max) • No additional cost

  38. Gathering OptionsSomething for everyone • For everyone: ELCA Youth Gathering • Also available: • Adult volunteer opportunities: • Gathering Volunteer Corps • Servant Companion • Community Life • Applications open May 15 online • • $75 application fee to cover background checks

  39. Registration DetailsCosts, budgeting & hotels

  40. Registration DetailsCosts and budgeting • What goes into a Gathering budget?: • Registration ($325 until 1/15/15, +$50 after) • Hotel ($70-$155 per room/night range) • Don’t forget gratuities • Budget for the possibility of king bed rooms for some of your group • Hotels are assigned by Feb. 2015 • Synods not guaranteed same hotel (but they will try)

  41. Registration DetailsCosts and budgeting • What goes into a Gathering budget?: • Transportation options (recommended in yellow) • Airfare + local transportation • Rail + local transportation • Bus + driver accommodations (subcontract???) • Renting 12-pass. van + gas + local parking • Bring your own vehicle + gas + local parking • No Synod-wide transportation being coordinated

  42. Registration DetailsCosts and budgeting • What goes into a Gathering budget?: • Food (be sure to budget travel food) • If coming by bus/van/car, you could bring your own food • Save $$: bring reusable water bottles! • Don’t forget gratuities • Local transit (people mover, bus, etc.) • Insurance??? Check with your church agent! • Fun activities???

  43. Registration DetailsCosts and budgeting • Budget high! You can always save $$ forward to 2018 if you have extra leftover • Estimated cost: +/- $1,000-1,400 per person • Wide range due to range of hotels, transportation options • ***Financial Aid available if needed***

  44. Registration DetailsCosts and budgeting • ELCA Mission Investment Fund (MIF) • A money market account that earns interest on the funds you raise for the Gathering • Funds available when needed • Make deposits at any time • There will be a MIF service center at the Gathering to cash checks and make withdrawals • GREAT way to avoid out-of-town check issues and ATM Fees!!! • Find out more at

  45. Registration DetailsGeography of Detroit area

  46. Registration DetailsGeography of Detroit area • Downtown Detroit is a compact, very walkable area • Away from downtown is a sprawling, expansive area out into suburbs • Plenty to explore in suburbs as in the city

  47. Registration DetailsGeography of Detroit area • Hotels are spread out, not in a walking-scale area like New Orleans • 1 out of 3 hotel rooms are downtown, the remainder are in suburban, smaller properties • Commute time from some hotels to downtown could be up to 45 mins.

  48. Registration DetailsGeography of Detroit area • If you do not come with your own ground transportation, there will be a Gathering shuttle between suburban hotels and downtown • Once inbound in AM, Once outbound in PM • BEST option to get around will be with your own ground transportation • There will be parking downtown (unsure of cost)

  49. Registration DetailsTimeline

  50. Registration DetailsTimeline • May 15, 2014 • Gathering website goes “live” • Gathering Volunteer applications open online