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Must-Have Summer Essentials From Primally Pure PowerPoint Presentation
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Must-Have Summer Essentials From Primally Pure

Must-Have Summer Essentials From Primally Pure

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Must-Have Summer Essentials From Primally Pure

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  1. Must-Have Summer Essentials From Primally Pure

  2. Must-Have Summer Essentials From Primally Pure The summer season is a great time to reassess what your skin needs. From ultra-moisturizing body butters to a soothing spirulina face mask, your skin could probably use a bit of extra attention. Primally Pure is a natural beauty brand that uses nature’s finest ingredients and crafts them into products for the face, body, hair—and now for the home too. Check out the products below, as well as Primally Pure’s new Summer Home Collection, and treat your skin to the nourishment and hydration it needs. New: Summer Home Collection Enjoy the uplifting and fresh scents of Southern California in the summer. Three new products for the home include the Summer Oil Diffuser Blend, Summer Room Spray, and Summer Hand Soap. You can also buy the collection. Each product is infused with a blend of sweet herbals, bright citrus, and flower blossoms. The result is an aromatic experience you can enjoy in every room in your home. If you love carefully-crafted essential oil blends, you’ll enjoy the benefits and scents of bergamot, sweet marjoram, tangerine, and spearmint.

  3. Serums Are a Summer Staple Make one of Primally Pure's hydrating skin-specific serums a go-to product in your summer skincare routine. Serums from Primally Pure are rich in vitamins and potent antioxidants to help strengthen and repair skin, hydrate and soothe skin, and brighten and protect your skin. Choose from Clarifying Serum, Soothing Serum, Plumping Serum, or get all three. Each botanical and essential oil is thoughtfully chosen for the multitude of benefits they offer. Exfoliate and Nourish Your Skin with Face Masks Crafted with vitamin-rich oils, active plant-based ingredients, and organic herbs, each of the face mask formulas offered by Primally Pure will gently exfoliate your skin and infuse it with vital nutrients. The Clarifying Face Mask supports complexions prone to dullness, acne, or dark spots. The Plumping Mask is formulated for mature or dehydrated skin states. The Soothing Mask is designed for damaged, stressed, or reactive skin states. You can even get all three in a mask trio and try multi-masking, as each mask carries unique benefits. Treat Yourself to Skin-Loving Body Butters Your summer skin will soak up the body butters from Primally Pure. Their ultra-moisturizing ingredients include mango butter, shea butter, coconut oil, and organic essential oils. Choices include Eucalyptus + Lavender Body Butter, Almond + Vanilla Body Butter, and Citrus + Mint Body Butter. Choose your favorites or get mini versions of all three. Find your spirulina mask, natural deodorant, hand sanitizer, and much more for the whole family from Primally Pure. Learn more about Primally Pure’s products at Original Source: