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By Sandy Merheb

By Sandy Merheb

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By Sandy Merheb

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  1. DATABASEevidence By Sandy Merheb

  2. Friday 12th October 2012 In todays lesson we began our Wild care database. I used the DIDA website to give me the codes for the database and then we had to write in the field names and data types and field in the validation rules. I created a database and I put all the appropriate field names and there relevant data type. These field names were provided on the Dida website.

  3. I then changed the field sixe because there is too much capacity and it doesn’t need that much and so we reduce it because the data isn't that much. For some of the field names like ‘Group’ Status’ and threat’ I did look up wizard for these 3 field names because each one has certain data so this means I can put the data that is required for that field name and a drop down box will come up and the right one can be selected

  4. When I click on the lookup wizard I press ‘I will type in the values that I want’ which then allows me to type in the data that will come up for the field name in a drop down box

  5. Then I type in the data that will be put on the drop down box Then I labelled what I want for my lookup field.

  6. Then we had to type in a validation rule so people can only type in the data we want, the acceptable data we don’t want them to write any random thing we can only have the genres that are acceptable. The validation text shows that the data inserted is wrong and says what the right data that should be inserted should be.

  7. The field name is ‘Name of species’ and the relevant data type is ‘text’ I changed the field size from 255 to 45 because then we have extra that doesn’t need to be used in the database, when you reduce it there wont be a lot of data.

  8. I reduced the field size to 25 because I know that the data will only be bird/insect or Mammal or fish or reptile/amphibian so I know that 25 is enough otherwise there’s too much capacity The field name is ‘Group’ and the relevant data type is text The validation rule is so that people can only enter the data that is required and if not then the validation text will come up asking to enter the correct data

  9. Wednesday 17th October 2012

  10. When I have pressed the external data and pressed text file this will come up and I browse where the data is I want to import. This is where I got my data from, Resources/ ICT/Mrs Hidson/11IOTA. Then you click Append a copy of the records to the table, so that the data is imported into the Field names you had put. And it doesn’t import onto another database. The data will come up then I press finish or next but I pressed finish and eventually the data will come onto the database that I had set up for the data to be imported in. When you have pressed finish then the data will come up in the table I had made and each data will go under each field name. IMPORTING DATA

  11. Wednesday 7th November 2012 In todays lesson we started our data entry form, we had to create a data entry form and make it look more appealing so I changed the font, colour and I added the Wild care Trust logo. I then added the 3 new endangered animals to the form and I made sure that ‘threat’ and ‘Status’ and ‘Group’ had an arrow so that the person can see the other options, I had to add buttons and had to make sure that I had the codes for ‘Threat’ and ‘Status’ so that they know what each code stands for.

  12. Data Entry Form

  13. I have added my 3 different species into my data To create my buttons I clicked on ‘Create’ and then clicked on the button shaped and then I created a button for saved records and add records and quit app these three buttons are at the bottom of my data type form

  14. I then created a Form for my Wildcare Trust database. We had to make it colourful and I used my colour scheme in my form. I changed the colour the font the size and the background colour. I had inserted the codes in my data entry form so that the user can see what each of the letter in the code mean

  15. I had to insert two tables with the different codes for the threat and status, I had to make two tables on word and then had to save them as an image and then insert them into the database, so that the person knows what each code means in the database.

  16. I added the Wild care Trust logo to my form because I think it represents the data well and I think that it shows what the data is going to be used for I changed the title and I made it look more appealing by changing the font and before it didn’t say anything about the project and I had to change the title I made sure that the drop down boxes are there because the person has to know what other options there are for each and the codes is there to help show what each code is used for I made sure that there are buttons so that it is easier for the user to access the data

  17. Friday 30th November 2012 • In todays lesson I had to check over my database and my evidence to check that I had met all the criteria and I had to make some changes and make sure that I had all the things that was needed in the data entry form and in my database to ensure that I can get full marks for it, I also got feedback from my peers to see what I needed to include.