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NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry: Feedback and Action Items

NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry: Feedback and Action Items. Paula Bontempi and Fred Lipschultz NASA Headquarters Ocean Color Research Team Meeting 13 May 2010. NASA EARTH AUGMENTATION MAJOR ALLOCATIONS. FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 TOTAL.

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NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry: Feedback and Action Items

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  1. NASA Ocean Biology & Biogeochemistry: Feedback and Action Items Paula Bontempi and Fred Lipschultz NASA Headquarters Ocean Color Research Team Meeting 13 May 2010

  2. NASA EARTH AUGMENTATION MAJOR ALLOCATIONS FY11 FY12 FY13 FY14 FY15 TOTAL BASE 1495 1544 1589 1617 1632 7877 OCO-2 171 91 51 13 4 330 CLIMATE 150 309 449 587 646 2141 Initiative CLIMATE/FLIGHT 100 234 359 477 521 1691 CLIMATE/Non-FL. 50 75 90 110 125 450 Climate Continuity Missions: Potential additional measurements possible – identified in concert with USGCRP

  3. MISSION LAUNCH CADENCE – NASA EARTH SCIENCE FY11 BUDGET • GLORY (11/2010) • Aquarius (12/2010) (with CONAE) • NPP (NET 9/2011) (with Interagency partners) • LDCM (12/2012) (agency external commitment 6/2013) (with USGS, TIRS capability) • OCO-2 (2/2013) • GPM Core (7/2013) (with JAXA) • SAGE-III on ISS (11/2013) (launch required and not in budget, includes hexapod) • SMAP (11/2014) (date set by LV selection issues, SRB’s recommendation for Phase C-D) • ICESAT-2 (10/2015) (date constrained by technical development) • GRACE-C (12/2015) (possibly with DLR) • CLARREO-1 (10/2017) (cost-constrained mission) • DESDynI RADAR+LIDAR (10/2017) (possibly with DLR, partnership not essential) • Additional missions possible for launch prior to 2020, identified in concert with USGCRP • Annual Venture major instrument solicitations starting in FY12 • First small-sat Venture mission call in FY12

  4. ACE: Chuck McClain GEO-CAPE: Antonio Mannino Hyspiri: Frank Muller-Karger

  5. NASA OB&B Research – ROSES 2009 • NOPP 2009 (up to $2.5M/yr with NSF and ONR) on Sensors for Marine Ecosystems • ROSES 2009 -http://nspires.nasaprs.com/- Release Date 13 February 2009 • A.41The Science of Terra and Aqua (five topics) up to 3 yrs (~$15M/yr) – 325 proposals – Decisions sometime September 2010 • ROSES 2009 -http://nspires.nasaprs.com/- Release Date 13 February 2009 • A.24 Remote Sensing Theory (~$1.5 M/yr) – 142 NOIs [30 April 2010] • ROSES 2010 - http://nspires.nasaprs.com/- Release Date 12 February 2010 • A.32 Earth System Data Records Uncertainty Analysis – (~$6M) [30 April 2010] • A.24 NPP Science Team – (~$6.0 M/yr) 47 NOIs [14 May 2010] – three topics • A.5 Carbon Cycle Science – (~ NASA: $7.5 M/yr; USDA: $1.67 M/yr) - 163 NOIs 25-30 ocean related) [4 June 2010] • Interactions between land management and land change, and the carbon cycle; Ocean acidification; Advancing the scientific basis for space-based measurements of atmospheric carbon dioxide and/or methane; Adaptation, mitigation, and vulnerability within the Earth system (land, ocean, and atmosphere); Synthetic and integrative research to advance the carbon-related goals of ongoing research activities under the U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Program and the carbon-related goals and objectives of related national and international programs

  6. NASA OB&B Research – ROSES 2010 • ROSES 2010 • A.24 Enhancing the Capability of Computational Earth System Models and NASA Data for Operation and Assessment (with Tsdengdar Lee, HEC; up to $3M/yr, 2 year awards) [17 September 2010] • 2.1 Accelerating Operational Use of Research Data – • 2.1.1 Operational Short-term Weather Predictions • 2.1.2 Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation • 2.2 Data for IPCC Climate Projection Assessment ($1M/yr) – coupled carbon and climate • 2.3 Computational Climate Modeling • ROSES 2011 • Field Campaign ? SE Asia pushed to 2011/2012? • Data product validation • Joint ocean-atmosphere retrievals • Air/Sea greenhouse and other gas fluxes • Acid deposition/coastal acidification • Focus on ocean ecology/biological oceanography (non-carbon chemistry) • * Earmark for Carbon product pilots

  7. A New U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan Anna Michalak1, Gregg Marland2, Rob Jackson3, Chris Sabine4CCS WG Co-Leads 1 The University of Michigan 2 Oak Ridge National Laboratory 3 Duke University 4 NOAA PMEL (USGCRP CCIWG Fall 2008- tentative May 2010)

  8. Fundamental Science Questions 1999 U.S. Carbon Cycle Science Plan: What has happened to the carbon dioxide that has already been emitted by human activities (past anthropogenic CO2)? What will be the future atmospheric CO2 concentration trajectory resulting from both past and future emissions? Current version for new Plan: How do natural processes and human actions affect the carbon cycle, on land, in the atmosphere, and in the oceans? How do policy and management decisions affect the levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide and methane? How are ecosystems, species, and resources impacted by increasing greenhouse gas concentrations, the associated changes in climate, and carbon management decisions?

  9. Actions/Issues • Costing and Obligation – 566K cut to OB&B as of last week • Carryover of funds from one fiscal year to next • NPOESS is now the Joint Polar Satellite System – evolution of science requirements • Role of ocean biology and chemistry (color) in climate and Earth system science ; EOS Continuity – SSB/OSB NRC report underway • International data access/science team membership • Proposal Review Pressure • Team Membership • Results • Format/Venue

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