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Quotations and Underlining

Quotations and Underlining

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Quotations and Underlining

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  1. Quotations and Underlining But how do you know when to use quotation marks and when to use underlining/italics? Titles of Works must be either underlined/italicized or you must put quotes around the title.

  2. It’s easy. Just use the thought process below. • If it takes a LONG time to create the work then use a LONG line underneath it. • Books: The Great Gatsby • Newspaper: The New York Times • Magazine: People • Movie: Bourne Identity • Sculpture: The Thinker • Ship, Train, or Plane: The Santa Maria • Play: Death of a Salesman • Album/CD: Blazing Glory

  3. Example: Did you see the movie Twilight? • (It took a LONG time to create the movie…so use a LONG line. • Sometimes Italics (slanted words) are used instead of the LONG line: Twilight

  4. Italics can be used instead of underlining • Books: The Great Gatsby • Newspaper: The New York Times • Magazine: People • Movie:Bourne Identity • Sculpture: The Thinker • Ship, Train, or Plane: The Santa Maria • Play:Death of a Salesman • Album/CD: Blazing Glory

  5. Now, if it is a short work……takes a shorter time to create it….use short marks to punctuate (“ “) • Have you read the chapter called “Confessions” in the book Twilight? • See, the chapter took a shorter period of time to write than the book…so use short marks (quotations)

  6. Another Way to Look at it : …….if it can becontained inside of something elsethen it should be contained inside of quotation marks. • Chapter : “Vanishing Glass” contained in book The Sorcerer’s Stone .…so contain it in quotes • Song: “You Give Love a Bad Name” contained on an album or CD Slippery When Wet….so contain it in quotes • Article: “Saban’s Tide” contained in ESPNmagazine. Contain it in quotes, but underline or italicize the longer work. • Episode of TV show: “Grandma’s Dead” contained in the series That 70’s Show

  7. Now you Try it!!! Decide if it gets quotes or underline/italics • Poem: The Road Not Taken Answer: “The Road Not Taken” Reasoning: It gets short marks (quotation) ….it is a short work and can be contained inside a longer work…like a book

  8. Song: Lady antebellum • Does it get Quotes or Underline/Italics??? Answer: UseQuotes “Lady Antebellum” The song is a short work that can be contained on a longer work = a CD

  9. Chapter in a book: soaring with the eagles Reasoning: A chapter is a Short Work contained in a longer work = book Answer: Use quotes - “Soaring with the Eagles”

  10. Magazine: Newsweek • Answer: Use Underline or italics for magazines Newsweek or Newsweek

  11. Short story: tell-tale heart • Short story is a short work contained inside a book: so it gets short marks …quotation marks Answer: Use quotes “Tell- Tale Heart”

  12. Newspaper: The daily sentinel • Answer: Use Underline or Italics Answer: The Daily Sentinel or The Daily Sentinel

  13. Article in newspaper: Cash for Clunkers • Reasoning: an article is a short work contained inside a longer work…so contain the title of the article inside quotes Answer: “Cash for Clunkers”

  14. TV Program: Buffy the vampire slayer • Reasoning: Long work Answer: use underline/italics Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  15. Episode on Buffy the vampire slayer • Episode: Dracula’s Return Reasoning: Episode is a Short part contained inside of a Long work like the DVD Answer: Use Quotes “Dracula’s Return”

  16. The painting: Mona lisa • Answer: IT took a long time to create….so long line. Answer: Use underline/italics Mona Lisa or Mona Lisa

  17. Airplane: Air force one Answer: Takes long time to create it.. Use long line or italics Air Force One or Air Force One