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You are on a boat. What’s the name of the boat? Where are you going? PowerPoint Presentation
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You are on a boat. What’s the name of the boat? Where are you going?

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You are on a boat. What’s the name of the boat? Where are you going?

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You are on a boat. What’s the name of the boat? Where are you going?

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  1. You are on a boat. What’s the name of the boat? Where are you going?

  2. Suddenly your boat hits a rock…

  3. …and starts to go down. You jump off and start swimming.

  4. When you are swimming, you see an island.


  6. What do you see on the island? There are 3 places.

  7. On the beach you find a box! • Water • Tent • Knife • Towel • Compass • Box of matches • Cell phone • Pencil • Spork (叉勺) • Rope

  8. On Paper • Write your names. • Give each person 6 points ✔✔✔✔✔✔ • If you get hurt, you lose points X X X X X X • Write down 4 things in the box you want

  9. Food & Health • Everyday you need to eat 1 food. • If you don’t, you lose one point X • If you eat, you get one point ✔ • You can roll dice to get food.

  10. Ready?

  11. The First Night • It starts to get dark, and it will rain bad. • You don’t a place to sleep • What will you do? Where will you stay? • You can stay in three places • On the beach • In the forest • On top of the mountain • Where will you stay?

  12. Oh No! • The first night was very bad. • If you stayed on the beach: • The storm made the waves grow very big. One person is out into the sea and (?) drowns (3-6). • If you stayed on the mountain: • The high winds from the storm made one person fly off of the mountain. Roll the dice (1-6). • If you stayed in the forest: • The night was very wet and you got no sleep. Everyone was OK in the morning.

  13. Life on the island • Life on the island is boring. You soon know that you need to do things to stay alive, and maybe even get off the island. What will you do? • Build a house • Start to get food • Make a ‘Help’ sign

  14. Life on the island • If you built a house you made your stay on the island more comfortable. You keep all of your points. • If you started to get food you soon have enough to eat for a few days. You get one point back if you lost one. • Food: • If you have a knife you can find 2 extra food each day • If you have matches you can get 1 extra health each day. • If you made a ‘Help’ sign you feel very tired. You wait next to it but no planes or ships come. You get so hungry that you lose a point.

  15. Oh No! • There are wild animals on the island! • While out looking around the island you run into some wild pigs. What will you do? • You can run from the pigs, but where? • Mountain, Forest, House, Ocean • You can try and fight the pigs • If you have food, you can throw it to the pigs.

  16. Oh No! • If you run from the pigs: • The Mountain: The pigs chase you up the mountain and gore you. Roll the dice. • The Forest: The pigs chase you, but some of you can climb (50% chance) • If you can’t climb, roll the dice. • To the ocean: The pigs chase you and hurt you until you get in the water. Lose 1-2 points. • To house: Your house was strong enough to stop the pigs if you built it. If it is the tent it was not strong enough, lose 1-2 points. • If you fight the pigs: • With the knife you hold them off, losing 1 point. • With the spork you can do nothing. Roll the dice (1-3). • With your hands, lose 1-3 health points. • If you have food: • Some of the pigs stop, some keep chasing you. Lose 1-2 points and 1 food for each person.

  17. Escape • After the fight with the pigs you know you need to get off the island. How will you do it? • Build a boat • Build a raft • Swim • If you built a boat or a raft: • For each day on the island you can find and save food. • You will also have to fight off the pigs and will have to eat food, however. • 50% chance pigs come each day. If you have the knife, 1 damage each day to each person. If you don’t have the knife, 1-3 damage each day to each person.

  18. Escape • If you build a boat: • Building a boat takes a lot of time, 3 days. The pigs attack again, and all suffer each day. You are able to finish the boat, however. • If you have rope you finish one day early • If you build a raft: • Building a raft takes only 1 day. The pigs attack again but you only get hurt one day. • If you have rope you don’t have to eat food on that day • If you swim: • You start out swimming right away. I hope you have food.

  19. The Open Sea • On the boat: • You built the boat well and it stands up against the bad sea. If you brought food you are alright. If you didn’t you lose 1 health point each day. • On the raft: • The raft was not built good for the sea. The raft begins to fall apart on the second day, and one of you drowns (?) • Roll to swim (50%), and if you can swim, roll for (1-3). • Swimming: • Wow, it’s a long way! You lose 2 points each day you swim, but keep 1 if you have food.

  20. Rescue! • Boat: • After 4 days on the boat you see a large cruise ship that picks you up. • Raft: • After 6 days you are spotted by a large cargo ship that picks you up. • Swimming: • After 7 days you are spotted by a small fishing boat that picks you up.

  21. Congratulations! • You lived! or • Sorry, you died! either way, The End