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  2. Slide Title to go here INTRODUCTION Supply chain management issues are permeating every business in the modern world. It’s a whole new world. Globalization has forever changed the face of business, introducing new opportunities and new challenges. This workshop aims to provide insight on how Small-and-Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) adjust Supply Chain Management (SCM) in response to the challenging business environment. The programme is built based on case studies, a schema of introduction and concepts on SCM of SMEs. From the workshop participant would have an understanding of information sharing, and performance metrics to facilitate the implementation of business strategies, leading to synchronised SC operations and improved performance. 2

  3. The Colours Introduction The SMEs would be able to capitalizing on the global opportunity by adopting innovative supply management approaches and technologies that can reduce costs, mitigate risks, and optimize performance across the supply chain. As such, this Supply Chain workshop is aimed at executives and managers who have experience in the traditional business functions (finance, production, marketing, sales, accounting, engineering, logistics), but want to add to their knowledge of how these functions work together within the company and across companies in the supply chain. Experienced managers and executives, with or without a graduate business degree—should consider adding this expertise in supply chain management to their personal education The workshop takes a broad view of the field, extending beyond internal operations to encompass all the steps throughout the supply chain—from the supplier, through the company, to the end consumer—and provides you with the knowledge to effectively manage the integration of these activities to maximize a company's value. 3

  4. Suggested chart formatting OBJECTIVE • Learn to boost productivity, collaboration, and innovation • Discover how to positively affect lead times, inventory, productivity, and bottom-line • profitability • Understand how to manage the integration and coordination of activities to achieve • reduced costs and increase efficiencies and customer service • Explore Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), their hierarchy, and relationship to • supply-chain performance • Choosing the right KPI’s to capture, analyze and benchmark performance • Achieve greater confidence among peers and industry recognition

  5. Picture slide METHODOLOGY This session will entail a series of presentation from business world and research, with in-depth facilitated exchanges and discussions to reveal new insights and wisdom that will be useful and timely for attendees.

  6. Examples of suggestedformatting styles COURSE OUTLINE The workshop is made up of the following domains which will be discussed over 2 days.

  7. TRAINER PROFILE Sr. Asso. Prof. Dr. R.Premkumar (PhD USM) is the leading operations-focused consultant, specializing in end-to-end supply chain solutions.  Industry and research students look to Prem' expertise to develop and implement strategies for intelligent solutions in distribution center design, warehouse strategic planning, distribution network configuration, transportation system planning, system integration and implementation, logistics and manufacturing outsourcing, benchmarking and best practices, and supply chain optimization.  As a hands-on manager in a MNC for more than 15 years, Dr. Prem offers a proven track record and deep industry expertise for solutions that reduce costs and improve overall supply chain performance. • 2008 accomplishments •   March 2009 appointed as member to Research Review Board (Institutional Review Board) •   September 2008 appointed as the Associate Dean, faculty of Business and Management at • AIMST •   July 2008 appointed as the Senior Associate Professor at AIMST University. •   Chairman of 3rd International Conference Operations Supply Chain Management, Jointly • organized by AIMST, USM, UUM, ITS, Unisel and SLSU. Venue: AIMST University – Dec 2009. •

  8. TRAINER PROFILE • April 22nd Speaker at the 2008 ASIA SUPPLY CHAIN FORUM : ‘SHAPING THE FUTURE’ a collaborative effort between Bordeaux Business School (BEM), World Supply Chain Forum and UUM - evaluated by UUM as the best speaker. • May 2008 appointed as the AIMIST Graduation steering committee chairman • April 8 2008 appointed as the Visiting Associate Professor at SOUTHERN LUZON STATE UNIVERSITY. • April 16- 21th Conducted 5 days workshop on SCM Research for DBA students • April 23- 24th Conducted 3 days Seminar on SCM for industry and academia • Aug 2008, assignment to conduct SCM course for graduate student

  9. TRAINER PROFILE • March 18th – accepted by the Higher Education Ministry to conduct lecturing for Business studies • at Undergraduate and Postgraduate including PhD (Permit No: P/US/14/0132 • Feb 10th appointed by ITD Malaysia to conduct a 9-day workshop “Developing Competitive • Business Strategies at Mitr Phol corp., Ltd, Bangkok (Jun- Aug 2008) • Jan 14th SCM consultant for TOP GLOVE Manufacturing, world largest surgical glove • manufacturing. Delivered a two days Forum for the senior management team.