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Eclipse Rational CDT Update PowerPoint Presentation
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Eclipse Rational CDT Update

Eclipse Rational CDT Update

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Eclipse Rational CDT Update

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  1. Eclipse Rational CDT Update February 5th , 2003

  2. Rational CDT Team Members Introduction • Michel Paquet – Rational Engineering Director, Rational CDT R&D Leader • Doug Schaefer – Rational CDT Technical Leader • Sean Evoy – S/W Designer, Assigned to CDT Build & Indexer • John Camelon – S/W Designer, Assigned to CDT Parser • Andrew Niefer – S/W Designer, Assigned to CDT Parser • Hoda Amer – S/W Designer, Assigned to CDT Core.Model • Martin Lescuyer – S/W Designer, Assigned to CDT CppUnit Rational intend to growth the number of resources dedicated to the CDT in Q1 and Q2 of 2003

  3. Rational CDT Deliverables CDT V2 Deliverables – August 2003 • Parser • Complete the grammar implementation • Implement callback interface • Scanner • Tokenizer • Pre-processor • Cmodel • Update the current model • Write the new model builder for new parser • Implement working copy concept • Implement finer grained element change deltas • Build • Build model and UI • Auto-generation of Makefile • Class Utilities --- May be in CDT V2? • e.g., Browser, New Class Wizard • CppUnit CDT V3 Deliverables – Dec 2003 • R/W DOM • Indexer • Implement parser callback • Reuse base Indexing framework from JDT • Semantic Search • Rework Utilities for new Parser/Indexer • Code Assist • Text Hover • Re-factoring Rational is committed to CDT V2 and is planning CDT V3!The above contains Verification and Documentation

  4. Rational CDT Development update • Design documents are going to be ready for public review towards end of next week. These documents use the Open Source Template format. A conference call will be scheduled for a formal review by the 3rd week of February. • Implementation for the Parser progressing well! Parser technology identified and prototype implemented. The Scanner technology has been implemented and could handled most pre-compiler definition. • The parser technology will be compliant to ANSI C and C++, gcc, g++ • Core.Model: CDT is missing functionality to identify element delta between the working copy and the source. Proposal been considered. • Indexer: Event if this is scheduled for CDT V3, some investigation has been done on this topic. The JDT will be used as the reference model for the CDT. Design document almost completed for this item. • Build Object Model (BOM): Development was on hold in January. Resume activities and engage with Sam Robb to help on the build implementation. • CppUnit: A proposal has been made to implement similar to JUnit support in JDT Good Progress so far! Need to get collaboration from others to ensure continuous progress on the CDT

  5. Quarter Focus for the Rational CDT team • Complete CDT Design Documents and have an official review for Parser, Core.Model, and Build. • Implement the Parser, the Build, and the Core.Model technology and have early prototype available • Engage with the different parties on the CDT user documentation required. Establish a plan to get the doc in place. • Continue to implement the CppUnit plug-in proposal.

  6. CDT ISSUES/CONCERNS • The quality of the CDT has to be improved. Product Verification is required. • No product documentation and design documentation in place.

  7. Parser architecture view DOMBuilder Core.DOM Source.cpp Scanner Parser ModelBuilder Callbacks Tokens Core.Model INDEX Indexer