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Stem Cell Concept

Stem Cell Concept. Pg. 721. Signal Transduction Pathways and Cell Differentiation. Stem Cell. Specialized cell type (neuron, skin cell, red blood cell, etc.). Blood Cell Formation. Erythropoietin (Epo). (Epo). Red Blood Cell Development. EPO. Synthesis of proteins that

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Stem Cell Concept

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  1. Stem Cell Concept Pg. 721

  2. Signal Transduction Pathways and Cell Differentiation Stem Cell Specialized cell type (neuron, skin cell, red blood cell, etc.)

  3. Blood Cell Formation

  4. Erythropoietin (Epo)

  5. (Epo)

  6. Red Blood Cell Development

  7. EPO Synthesis of proteins that stimulate Red Blood Cell development and prevent apoptosis

  8. Negative Regulation of JAK/STAT Pathway

  9. P P Mutant EPO Receptor Signal to Activate

  10. Cell Types Heart muscle Skeletal muscle Thyroid Ovary Kidney Intestinal epithelia Seven-Pass Receptors Adrenaline Glucogon TSH, LH Contraction Glycogen breakdown Hormone secretion Water retention Ion transport Pg. 546

  11. Activation of Galpha Subunit

  12. Synthesis of cyclic AMP Adenylyl Cyclase ATP cyclic AMP Protein Kinase A (PKA) CFTR Other Proteins Pg. 550

  13. Targets Transcription Factors Enzymes

  14. Cytoskeletal Structures Intermediate filaments Microtubules Actin Chapter 17

  15. Microtubules Vesicle Transport Chromosome segregation (mitotic spindle) Cilia/Flagella

  16. GTP Tubulin Dimer GTP

  17. GFP-Tagged Centrosomes

  18. Centrosome Structure

  19. Microtubule “Poisons” Colchicine Taxol Autumn crocus Pacific Yew

  20. Tau Protein Stabilizes Microtubules in Neurons

  21. Tau Protein

  22. Regulation of Microtubule Stability by Tau Tau “tangles”

  23. Alzheimer’s Brain

  24. Alzheimer’s Brain

  25. Tau Protein

  26. Microtubule “Motor” Proteins

  27. Microtubule “Motor” Proteins

  28. GFP-Tagged Centrosomes

  29. Centrosome Duplication Cycle

  30. Ciliated Cells

  31. Actin Filaments

  32. Actin Monomer

  33. Arp2/3 (Actin Related Proteins) Arp2 Arp3

  34. Gelsolin Protein New minus end New plus end

  35. Acton Poisons

  36. Myosin-II

  37. Muscle Cell

  38. Sarcomere

  39. Contraction of a Sarcomere

  40. Resting Muscle Rigor position

  41. Contraction of a Sarcomere

  42. Tropomyosin blocks access to actin filament

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