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Oral Book Report 3

Oral Book Report 3

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Oral Book Report 3

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  1. Oral Book Report 3

    By William benitez
  2. Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    Book 1 TheLightningThief
  3. Half-Bloods Percy Jackson Annabeth Chase Luke Clarisse
  4. Gods Zeus Poseidon Dionysus Ares Hades
  5. Enemies Furies/Mrs. Dodds A Minotaur Medusa Zeus ( thinks Percy stole his Master Bolt) Ares ( tricked Percy) Luke
  6. Other characters Grover Underwood Sally Jackson Gabe Ugliano Mr. Brunner/Chiron
  7. Percy Jackson A twelve year old boy named Perseus (after a half-blood with very good luck). Son of Poseidon nephews of Zeus and Hades and mother Sally Jackson. Becomes friend with Grover Underwood and Annabeth Chase. Also Luke who turns out to be a bad guy. His stepfather is Gabe Ugliano. Has dyslexia and ADHD.
  8. Settings New York Yancy Academy Montauk Half-Blood Hill Camp Half-Blood The Woods ( different times in the story) A Garden Gnome Store ( Medusa’s store) Waterland (Amusement Park) Nevada :Las Vegas/Lotus hotel California: Hollywood/Las Angeles The Underworld Empire State Building/Mt. Olympus
  9. Summary Ever wondered how it would be, to control a power like fire, water, wind, and lightning. Well Percy Jackson doesn’t have to because his father is Poseidon! In this action-packed book you will see a 12 year old boy fight monsters like Furies, a Minotaur, and Medusa. So will the fate of the mortal world come to an end with a war between the sky and the sea? Or will Percy rise to the occasion, find the Master Bolt, and save the mortal world!
  10. Opinion My opinion is that this book is a great book for kids that like adventure or the gods and titans. So if you like adventure or the gods? You should get and read a Percy Jackson and the Olympians book.
  11. Happy Reading Can you answer these questions? Do you think you’re a Demigod? If you were a half-blood would you stay at camp? If Zeus thought it was you who stole the Master Bolt what would you do? Do you think Percy is brave or dumb for accepting this quest? Now its your turn for questions, got any?