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  1. Genre: Fantasy Date/Year Published: 1986 Book report: by Jonathan Nguyen Period 4

  2. Setting • The story of Redwall takes place at Redwall and it’s surrounding countryside. • The time period that Redwall takes place is the medieval ages. • Redwall Abbey is peaceful place for healing to everyone, but if someone wants to harm Redwall then Redwall will give a fight to defend it’s self. • Mossflower woods-the woods east of Redwall. • St. Ninian’s Church-the church south of Redwall (Cluny’s hideout). • Farm-the farm north of the Mossflower woods. • Quarry-where Asmodeus, the giant adder (poison snake), lives and is north from the river (east from the farm).

  3. Redwall map

  4. Characters • Matthias-a young warrior mouse that tries to find Martin’s battle gear in order to guard Redwall. • Martin the warrior-a heroic warrior monk that Matthias looks up to. • Cluny the Scourge-the antagonist in the story that tries to take over Redwall and enslave all of Redwall's inhabitants. Clunty is the evil warlord in this story. • Father Abbot (Mortimer)-the leader in Redwall abbey. • Friar Hugo-the chef in Redwall. • Redtooth-second-in-command in Cluny’s army. • Cornflower Fieldmouse-a young field mouse that Matthias likes. • Constance Badger-Father abbot’s bodyguard, the strongest in battle. • Brother Methuselah- ancient gate keeper and record taker. • Foremole- leader of the moles. • Amborse Spike- one of the strongest Redwall defenders, strongest in defense. • Asmodeus-a giant adder (poison snake) that lives in the quarry. • Basil Stag Hare-a hare that is an expert at scouting, hindleg fighter, wilderness guide and camouflage specialist. • King Bull Sparra-a idiotic king that dies by falling to the ground with Matthias. • Queen Warbeak–a young queen after King Bull Sparra dies.

  5. PLOT- Problem/Conflict • The conflict in the beginning of this story is that Cluny made it to Redwall Abbey and is attacking until he gets Redwall. • Cluny uses many different ways to take over Redwall. • See if Redwall would surrender • Attack Redwall directly and use a plank to transport Cluny and his solders into Redwall • Make a tunnel to the middle of Redwall • Cluny makes it into Redwall with a hostage to open it.

  6. Resolution • Redwall keeps rejecting Cluny’s plans until the last plan he makes it into Redwall • Matthias find the sword of Martin the Warrior and kills Cluny by cutting the rope that holds the bell.

  7. My opinion I think the book Redwall is full of thrills and excitement with a lot of challenges. Although this book is good with great details, it is violent for kids that can’t take much violence. I would recommend this book to anybody that is 10 and up, because of the violence.

  8. 5 interesting facts about the author • Brian Jacques is an author of Redwall and only earned $4000 from this book only. • Brian Jacques survived a stroke in August 19, 2001 and survived a mild heart attack in March 15, 2004. • Brian Jacques made 33 books in his life. • Brian Jacques Redwall books have been sold more then 20 million copies in 28 languages. • Brian Jacques had an emergency surgery one evening on February 5, 2001 because of aortic aneurysm (heart attack) and died at the age of 71.

  9. 5 test Q and A Q1. What did Cluny’s dreams mean? Q2. Why did Cluny target Redwall? Q3. Why does Asmodeus have the sword of Martin the Warrior? Q4. Where was Martin’s shield? Q5. Who took Martin’s belt from Matthias? A1. that Cluny will be defeated A2. because of the surrounding area of Redwall’s population A3. because King Bull Sparra dropped it near Asmodeus. A4. in a dungeon under the letter W in the Redwall stairs. A5. King Bull Sparra

  10. Brief Summary The book Redwall is about a mouse named Matthias, and he is trying to get the gear that Martin the Warrior had so Matthias can fight Cluny, the evil warlord. As Matthias gets Martin’s gear, Cluny gets in and captures Redwall. After Matthias hears the news from his sparra friend, Matthias goes to retake Redwall. At the end of the story, Matthias kills Cluny with a giant bell and Redwall is now saved.

  11. L O L • “Phew! Dear, dear, don’t you chaps ever take a bath? Listen here, you dreadful creature. D’you ever realize that you smell to high heaven? Er, by the way, did your parents ever call you Pongo, or did they smell as bad as you?” (Basil Stag Hare’s insult to a rat to make a distraction on pg.89 2nd to last paragraph). • Cluny’s voice was a strangled yell, “Get him! Grab that spy! I want his head!” Basil chuckled. “What's the matter? Isn’t your own head good enough? No, I don’t suppose it is. Ugly-looking brute aren’t you?” (Basil uses Cluny’s order as irony. Pg.218 paragraphs 3-4). • “Friar Hugo, old friend, brace yourself. I am the bearer of tragic news!” Alarm spread across Hugo’s pudgy feathers. “Tell me, Jess. What dreadful thing has happen?” Jess spoke haltingly in a broken voice. “I fear that Cluny tore up one of your oldest and venerable dishrags. Alas, Redwall will never see it wipe another plate!” (Jess and Basil use the rag to switch the banner of Martin the Warrior. Pg.223 4 paragraphs before the break).

  12. Sources Redwall the 1st book of the series (from PJHW library)

  13. THE END  Hope you enjoyed it!!!!!!! BY: (“)> • Jonathan Nguyen  I AM THAT IS, MY SWORD SHALL WIELD ME