edifact isbn 13 promptcat the changes in workflow over the last 3 years n.
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EDIFACT, ISBN-13, PromptCat & the Changes in Workflow over the last 3 Years PowerPoint Presentation
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EDIFACT, ISBN-13, PromptCat & the Changes in Workflow over the last 3 Years

EDIFACT, ISBN-13, PromptCat & the Changes in Workflow over the last 3 Years

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EDIFACT, ISBN-13, PromptCat & the Changes in Workflow over the last 3 Years

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  1. EDIFACT, ISBN-13, PromptCat & the Changes in Workflow over the last 3 Years Les Lynam, University of Central Missouri May 17 - 20, 2009

  2. Incomplete PowerPoint • I’m sorry, I didn’t have time to finish • By May 8, 2009 • The following is a presentation I did • In 2006 at a regional conference • I’m basing this presentation on that and the growing pains of the same. • Check back later for completed PPT • I promise it won’t be this long, either…

  3. The Overview • Preparing with the vendor • Requesting books from a vendor • Creating the export record • FTPing the export record • The drop-off at MCO • Prepping the order file • Sending the order file • The PromptCat connection

  4. Overview, continued • Tracking the package • Loading the Invoice file • Examining, massaging the records • Payment • There is no way to explain this all in an Hour • Questions?

  5. Preparing with the Vendor • Contact you favorite book vendor • Tell them you are ready to EDIFACT • And that you want them to help you • Please…. please… please • Get their document on “Everything you need to know about EDIFACT” • Have them set up their end • Set up (or adjust) your vendor record

  6. Ordinary (print) vendor file

  7. BISAC (email) vendor file VCODE3 is set to “e” Electronic Ordering Email address for the BISAC Order

  8. EDIFACT (FTP) vendor file VCODE3 is set to “d” EDIFACT Vendor will set up an FTP site for you, and tell you your logon and password (and other stuff you may need to know) VENDSAN code must be set up

  9. Requesting books online • Major vendors all have online ordering systems • Invite your sales rep to show you theirs. • Have them back several times • Ask them questions • Promise them money • Ask them more questions

  10. Choose your path • You can Order on the Vendor’s website • or • You can “Request” on the Vendor’s site • Then export the file to III • Then use III to make the order • How you “do business” makes the choice • Here’s how UCM does it:

  11. The Request • All of the Librarians at UCM buy books • Few still send order cards to ACQ • All request titles on YBP’s GOBI • Acquisitions then picks up the request • And puts it in an EXPORT file • Hang on while we go through this

  12. FTP to vendor Vendor will set you up with FTP site and password

  13. Locate file to transfer

  14. Edit file as needed Text being edited in freeware program: MarcEdit

  15. File ready to send to MOBIUS

  16. MCO informed of file via email

  17. MCO loads file, emails report Bib and Order record start/stop #s

  18. Purchase Orders ready to send Did you know that there are files beyond your last review file?

  19. Order files copied for review

  20. Close-up of brief bib and order records

  21. Close-up of just brief bib record Each vendor’s brief bibs will have Author, Title and ISBN… some have other data fields

  22. Control-H checks for unique fields Stars mean unique

  23. Someone requested a duplicate “B” next to a MARC field means it already exists in your database, almost certainly a problem when it’s the ISBN

  24. Title search finds the duplicate

  25. Duplicate Bibs… side by side

  26. Transfer order record to 1st Bib. When both bib records are open, the target will automatically be displayed, ready for transfer Be sure that the order record to be moved is checked

  27. Transfer choices: Retain / Delete

  28. Transfer complete Both Order records Now on the same Bib. record

  29. Cancel the duplicate order

  30. Orders ready for EDIFACT FTP Since each vendor has a different IP Address, we need to narrow the list down to one vendor at a time Just click this button

  31. Type in the vendor code

  32. These 8 go to the same place

  33. I thought we canceled #4??? Canceling the order record does NOT remove it from the Purchase Orders that are already queued … and Delete it! So be sure to check it…

  34. These 7 are ready to hit the net Click HERE… … and then HERE

  35. Be sure you have the right Host Now click the Connect Button If you have more than one vendor, there will be a pull down menu of choices here

  36. Contact has been made Fill in User and Password and click OK

  37. Ready to transfer the file Your vendor may have a special naming functions to keep files organized… … if so, then check the Rename files upon transfer box… …and THEN you are ready to click “Put” …Be sure you have the correct transfer type: Binary or ASCII…

  38. Rename chked, ASCII chosen, & “Put” clicked This pop up box allows you to enter the name of the file as it will be on the vendor’s server

  39. Internet Majik! It’s there! The filename we gave it, as it appears on THEIR server More confirmations!

  40. FTP finished, time to clean up at Home

  41. Signed, sealed, delivered…. Still need some reassurance? Check the order record Hurrah! An order Date/Time Stamp!

  42. Time passes…

  43. …and then an Email from OCLC I need to go HERE to pick up the file …and it’s a BIG one!!! 353!!! It’s from Yankee…

  44. Getting to the PromptCat File Click here…

  45. Still getting to the PromptCat File… And then click HERE…

  46. Halt! Who goes there? Enter your Authorization # and Password You can get a new “PromptCat” login, or… I just use my cataloging ID

  47. Files listed, newest first I want to download THIS file We profiled for Yankee first, then BNA, so they aren’t alphabetical

  48. Scroll down to get the reports I want THIS one (it has the same date as the file) Two choices, download or view. I view, since it’s just text.

  49. Viewing the report Four invoices in this PromptCat shipment… Details of the first invoice starts here… scroll down to view each individual invoice as processed Detail is at the record level, with title, source of cataloging, etc.

  50. Time passes…