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Features of a newspaper report

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Features of a newspaper report

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Features of a newspaper report

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  1. Features of a newspaper report

  2. At least 91 dead in Norway shooting, bomb attack CATCHY HEADLINE A suspected far-right gunman in police uniform killed at least 84 people in a ferocious attack on a youth summer camp of Norway's ruling Labor party, hours after a bomb killed seven in Oslo. Witnesses said the gunman, identified by police as a 32-year-old Norwegian, moved across the small, wooded island of Utoeya in a lake northwest of Oslo Friday, firing at young people who scattered in panic or tried to swim to safety. Police detained the tall, blond suspect, named by local media as Anders Behring Breivik, and charged him for the killing spree and the bombing of government buildings in Oslo. Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, capturing the shock this normally quiet nation of 4.8 million is experiencing, said: "A paradise island has been transformed into a hell." Deputy Police Chief Roger Andresen would not speculate on the motives for what was believed to be the deadliest attack by a lone gunman anywhere in modern times. "He describes himself as a Christian, leaning toward right-wing Christianity, on his Facebook page," Andresen said. Initial speculation after the Oslo blast had focused on Islamist militant groups, but it appears that only Breivik -- and perhaps unidentified associates -- was involved. Striking 1st paragraph answering who? what? where? why? when? how? Formal, Standard English Para- COLUMNS DIRECT SPEECH graphs

  3. Rescue workers work at the scene of a powerful explosion that rocked central Oslo July 22, 2011. Caption You must use all these features in your own newspaper report!