aluminum n.
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  1. Aluminum By Aleksandra Boots Nina Levitin Erica Prince

  2. You can go with this…Or you can go with that…Recycling Aluminum is where it’s at!Video

  3. No other metal has as many uses as aluminum! -Kitchen utensils -Anti-Perspirant -Window frames -Foils -Wrinkle remover for clothes -Home décor -Packaging food -Outdoor furniture -Kitchen wear -Toasters -Door knobs -Car parts

  4. Environmental Consequences -Bauxite is a rock found in the earth that contains aluminum. -Aluminum extraction occurs in mining, mostly located in the tropics. -Jamaica is a major contributor in mining. -The demand for aluminum is growing and for that reason trees are NOT being saved! - Bauxite mining is causing rainforests to undergo deforestation *Humans are taking away animals’ natural habitat putting them in danger.  Endangered plant and animal species!

  5. Cultural Effects • Aluminum increases pollution.We use over 80,000,000,000 aluminum soda cans every year, imagine if they were all recycled. ALUMINUM IS 100% RECYCLABLE! • Electrical/Heat Conductivity The average human intakes 30 to 50 milligrams of aluminum per day. When the body consumes the maximum amount of aluminum, the result is Alzheimer’s Disease.  Memory loss

  6. Cultural Effects • Health Affects: Mining Aluminum can put humans in danger. Under some jobs, like mining, it is found in certain areas like water. Breathing in aluminum dust can cause lung problems in factories for workers.

  7. How is the Industry Helping? To help the planet conservation actions are taking place: Voluntary Aluminum Industrial Partnership (VAIP) -Improves aluminum efficacy Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) -Supports recycling -Pollution Prevention Program *Within 10 miles from West Orange there are 26 aluminum recycling areas. Including: -South Orange Fire House -Habitat for Humanity, South Orange -ABCA Recycling, Kearny -Town of Clifton Drop-off Site

  8. How to Help? • Find your town’s recycling laws and ALWAYS RECYCLE! • West Orange recycles bottles, cans, and paper.If you have anything else to recycle it can be dropped off at the town’s recycling center. • Cut down on your use of aluminum including: - Soda cans - Canned food