leadership in a time of change ceist november 2006 n.
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  1. ‘LEADERSHIP IN A TIME OF CHANGE’CEISTNOVEMBER 2006 Peer Sharing: Striving to live out the Values • Promoting Spiritual and Human Development • Struggling to interpret, explore and live out this value over time • Generating a discussion about means of engaging in creative ways with this core value

  2. Presentation College,Athenry

  3. My Experience • educated in a Catholic School • accept symbols • in contact with religious orders • committed to ethos • clear convictions and commitment to Catholic education

  4. School Experience A CEIST SCHOOL SUPPORTS & NURTURES: • the Spirituality of each person • a faith-sharing community • opportunities for spiritual and personal development • all its members to reflect on the contemporary world in the light of the Gospel • the special place of Mary….. • collaboration among all stakeholders including the diocese • scope of RE to………….. • celebration of the spiritual life of each person……….. • the lived out values of the Charter • its students ………………………

  5. Engagement • Whole School Community • Spirituality not religion • A highly personal experience • Spiritual workplace ‘community of humans’ • Vision of Nano Nagle and now CEIST

  6. ActionsLearning & Teaching in a Catholic School(theme for three year professional development)

  7. ways to support the Catholic & distinct ethos of the school mission in education evaluating the process of faith formation collaborative process concerns church & faith development – the spiritual, the community & the moral promoting the community dimension the care of the individual Review & InfluencesResearch on Issues Relating to Faith Development in Schools (Beyond Nostalgia)

  8. OutcomesPrioritising • deep sense of personal spirituality • opportunities to reflect on & develop personal spirituality • professional support, expertise, and success of our staff • those directly involved & others • Archdiocese & Parishes • encouraging & affirming the level of goodness among the school community • marginalised • prioritising • team working, RE & Pastoral Care ‘for school leaders the key element of their work is the development of the human dimension of the school’ Tuohy 2000

  9. Whole School Actions • fostering a sense of ‘the sacred’ • encompassing • ‘treat other as would like them to treat you’ • interaction with each other • active in developing the symbolic & cultural aspects of the school ethos • school chaplain • links to parishes e.g. confession, research • climate of personal care for all stakeholders • acknowledging the dedication of catechists and care teachers • humanising subjects and L & T • in-service, staff retreat/reflection days, meditation, themes, Three Year Theme: ‘Learning & Teaching in the Catholic School’ Speakers – Dr.David Tuohy, Fr. Tony Flannery, Sr. Nano Brennan, Fr. Harry Bohan, Sr. Mary Rossiter, Sr. Dympna Stack, Presentation Education Office Support, CEIST Speakers

  10. ActionsSpiritual Development for All • key area in holistic education • hunger in children • provide experiences to explore the spiritual dimension in their lives • opportunities through bereavement, practice meditation & participation in meaningful ways in religious ceremonies (spiritual family)

  11. Whole School Actions • ceremonies (liturgies, masses…, individual year groups) • assemblies • retreats • celtic spirituality • prayer within the classroom, intercom • support of RE programme by management and staff • reflect on professional experience in the light of Gospel values • process of evangelisation which incorporates active witness through supportive links with home and parish • key times in the school calendar

  12. ActionsSpiritual Development for All • nourishing the existing spirituality • not just RE Class • promote the spiritual as a sense of celebration gifts received and of the possibility of developing life to the full • celebration is important

  13. EvaluationResearch for School Leaders(Tuohy 2000) Staratt distinguishes three levels on which the drama of leadership is lived out. These can be applied to the spiritual leadership of the school. • ‘ the first is the drama of one’s personal life and conversion to Jesus • the second refers to the drama and privilege of knowing other people’s life and conversion (lives of school community) • the third and most difficult is one’s involvement in another’s development through creating circumstances in which their development can take place

  14. Creative Ways to Nourish Spirituality in Your School • reflection on your own faith journey as evidence of the importance of the spiritual in your life • inspiration for professional work • inspiration from inherited spiritual tradition & culture • personal commitment • cultivate and nurture spirituality for all ‘Spiritual Rhythms in the Life of the School, (Tuohy)’

  15. Creative Ways to Nourish Spirituality in Your School • commitment to prayer • structures to cultivate reflection • pay attention to your own growth & development • Christ’s message of forgiveness • Trustees, life experience • thematic approach to whole school issues to incorporate Catholic Ethos

  16. The Future • We are supporting the faith life of others rather than creating • We must proactively create new opportunities for others, to do this we: • need to model and train • need to create new ways to inspire, teach, captivate • need new skills • need a theological and educational language • need dialogue • need modules in the philosophy of catholic education • need a forum/s