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Advertising analysis on Single Screen Cinema PowerPoint Presentation
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Advertising analysis on Single Screen Cinema

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Advertising analysis on Single Screen Cinema
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Advertising analysis on Single Screen Cinema

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  1. About Us Looking to Advertise in Theatres and require lowest rates? releaseMyAd is here to help! Our unique platform combines a PAN India Agent network, years of media buying experience & historic Ad pricing data, to ensure guaranteed lowest quotes for your Ad requirements. We've served thousands of Businesses successfully reach their target customers & provided significant cost savings in the process. Create your Theatre Advertising Plan online today & evaluate our rates before buying ! Cinema advertising has become the obvious choice with a 360 degree strategy across the targeted multiplex & single screen cinemas While other ways of promotions need a lot of money, it is quite cost-effective to make use of movie halls to popularize a product.

  2. Advantages of Single Screen Cinema Advertising Advertising on the Single Screen Cinema: •It has a massive market presence covering cities. •releaseMyAd derive new and Innovative cinema advertising ideas to take the utmost benefit of publicity in single-screen cinema halls and multiplex. •Your Ads will be played at least thrice a day in each theatre hosting a blockbuster cinema either at the beginning or during the interval.

  3. Why K Sera Sera Miniplex Cinema Ads releaseMyAd makes Single Screen Cinemas Advertising an affordable and simple affair. You can now easily advertiseon-screenin K Sera Sera Cinemas through slide shows. We give you the best Cinemas advertising rates thereby ensuring that your ROI is never compromised. Advertisement in K Sera Sera Miniplex is a most appropriate option for advertisers because :- • It targets a specific kind of audience from a particular state and city • It caters to a wide cross-section of people. • It has an impressive brand value. • It makes an opportunity for advertisers to share the brand value of India's biggest production houses by sharing of screen space. If you want to advertise at K Sera Sera Miniplex , let us take care of your needs at releaseMyAd. We make sure that the K Sera Sera Miniplex Cinema advertising rates never go overboard for you. We create slideshows, we arrange for jingles, we write your content and we also place your ads.

  4. Booking Process of K Sera Sera Miniplex Cinema Ads releaseMyAd Cinema helps you to book Ads in K Sera Sera Miniplex Cinema screens Online through following given steps. You: 1)Choose your Location, Theatre Brand and Ad type 2)Select the Mall and Audi you want to advertise in. 3)Compose the Ad, Select the Date and Make Payments. You need to book your ad at least 7 days in advance. Our experts will handle your K Sera Sera Miniplex Ad to generate efficient results. Your Ad in K Sera Sera Miniplex cinema would help you to accomplish your objective

  5. K Sera Sera Miniplex Cinemas Reach • Laxmi Talkies • Prakash Talkies • Ashok Talkies • Prashant Cinema • Alankar Talkies

  6. Advertise in Laxmi Talkies Cinema

  7. Advertise in Prakash Talkies Cinema

  8. Ashok Talkies Cinema Advertising Cost

  9. Prashant Cinema Advertising Rates

  10. Advertise in Alankar Talkies Cinema

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