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Infinity Ward PowerPoint Presentation
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Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward

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Infinity Ward

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  1. Infinity Ward Duty Calls!

  2. Programmer $75,000-$125,000 Programmers are at the centre of the game, They Design And Write The Computer Code Which Runs And Controls The Game. They Import Any Already Made Code’s and writing custom code’s as needed. They Test The Code And Fix The Bugs Which The QA’s Find. Sometimes The Programmer Could Develop New Customised Tools For Use Of Other Members Of The Development Team. There Are Many Different Types Of Programmers For E.G. – Games Programmer -Tools Programmer - AI Programmer - Middleware Programmer Games Development Is An Increasingly Complex Process And Large Teams Of Programmers Would Be Involved In Creating The Game, Some In Leadership Roles, Some Working On Just One Aspect.

  3. Level Editor Around $54,000 The Level Editor Defines And Creates Interactive Architecture For A Part Of A Game Including The Landscape, Buildings And Objects. They Must Stick To The Overall Design Using The Characters and Story Elements. Looking From The Perspective Of The Entire Game, The Level Editor Designs A Portion Of The Game Usually Know As A ‘Level’ Specifying In Detail All The Possible Actions And Game Play Events Which Take Place Within That Level. The Environment, Including Locations, General Layout Of The Spaces Within The Level, And Thoughts About Visuals, e.g. Lighting, Textures, And Forms The Characters And Objects Involved, Whether They Are Player Controlled Or Non-Player Characters And Any Specific Behaviours Associated With The Characters And Objects.

  4. QA’s / Tester Around $35,000 Quality Assurance Technicians Or Testers Perform A Vital Role Testing, Tuning, Debugging, And Suggesting Idea’s To Ensure The Quality And Playability Of The Finished Game. There Job Involves Play-Testing The Game In A Specific Way To Analyse The Games Performance Against The Designer Intention’s Identifying Problems And Suggesting Improvements. They Test For Bug’s In The Software From Complete Crashes To Minor Glitches In The Programme. They Also Act As The Game’s First Audience Reporting On It’s Playability And Suggesting Any Improvements That Could Be Made. Tester’s Are Employed By Design Studios And Publishers They Might Have To Work Long Hours Under A lot Of Pressure Depending On The Release Date And At Times Work Will Be Hectic And Stressful.

  5. Audio Engineer Around $89,000 The Audio Engineer Creates The Soundtrack For A Game. This Would Include Music Sound Effects To Support The Game Action. Sounds Such As Gunshots Or Explosions Also Including Character Voices And Other Expressions; Spoken Instructions And Ambient Effects, Such As Crowd Noise, Vehicles Or Rain. The Soundtrack Helps To Create A More Immersive Experience For The Player By Reinforcing The Mood Of The Game. It Can Also Enhance Game Play By Affecting The Tempo. Audio Engineers Work For Development Studios, Both Independent And Publisher-Owned. The Size Of The Audio Department Depends On The Company. Audio Engineer’s Are Responsible For Sourcing Any Sound Effects That Are Needed. They Then Improve Or Creating Them Where Necessary. These Might Be Real Or Imaginary Sounds Depending On The Type Of Game. The Audio Engineer Then Edits, Mixes, And Masters The Music And Sounds To Produce The Soundtrack For The Finished Game.

  6. Animator $40,000-$60,000 Animators In The Game Industry Are Responsible For The Portrayal Of Movement/Behaviour In Most Cases This Is Applied To Characters And Creatures Within The Game, However Animations Can Also Be Applied To Other Elements Such As Objects, Scenery And Environment. Specialised Packages Are Used To Create The Animation Which Are Used For Both ‘In Game’ Behaviour And Special Sequences Also Known As ‘Cut Scenes’. Well Animated Characters Can Bring A Game To ‘Life’ Literally Giving Players An Increased Sense Of Involvement And Interaction. To Become An Animator Knowledge Of The Timing And Appearance Of Human And Animal Movement And Facial Expressions Is Essential. Animation For Games Requires A Combination Of Art, Technical And Organisational Skills.

  7. Programmers Wanted! Infinity Ward Job Type : Lead Programmer Job Category: Programming And Development Location: California Salary Description: Competitive Currency: Dollars Start Date: As Soon As Possible Recruiter: Infinity Ward Duties And Responsibilities The duty of lead programmer is to contribute towards the engine tasks, third party libraries, maintenance and integrations. Support artists and gameplay programmers needs developing and maintaining code and tools, Develop graphical effects, maintain the engine layer and cross platform activities; Profile, Debug and maintain developed game layers.

  8. Senior Environmental Artist Job Type: Environment Artist Job Category: Art Location: California Salary Description:$87,000 Start Date: As Soon As Possible Organization: Infinity Ward Infinity Ward is looking for a talented Environment Artist. This person will be responsible for the construction of run-time game environments and should have experience in modelling, texturing, and lighting of a scene. The ideal candidate will have at least 5+ years experience in an environment artist role having demonstrated the ability to create realistic and visually compelling environments. Environment artists should have expert knowledge of Photoshop and Maya. Environmental Artist Needed!

  9. Animator Needed! • Qualifications • Animation Reel showing keyframed character and creature animation • Ability to create weighted and well timed animations • Game industry experience/shipped title experience • Experience working with a team to get animation systems running in a game. Preferred Requirements • Familiarity with Unreal Engine 3 art pipeline • Related skills, such as modelling and skinning, Knowledge of what's in current video games. EPIC Games Job Type: Animator Location: Cary NC Organisation: Epic Games Inc. Position: Full Time Start Date: Further note will be given. Salary: $55,000 About Us! Established in 1991, Epic Games develops cutting-edge games and cross-platform game engine technology. The company has created multiple million-selling, award-winning titles in its Unrealseries. Such as Gears Of War 3. We Consist of the best tools and technology to take your art skills to the next level.

  10. Cinematic Animator • Qualifications Needed • Good Understanding of of cinematography and editing techniques. • Animation experience in both motion capture and hand-keyed disciplines. • Expert in Maya. • BA/BFA or equivalent professional video-game cinematic, animation, film or television post production experience. • Attention to detail and experience solving technological problems. • Responsibilities We Require • Pushing the boundaries of character performance through motion capture and hand-keyed animation techniques. • Cleaning up and polishing performance capture animation. • Creating camerawork and editing scenes. • Utilizing a strong technical background to drive visually complex cinematic. • Working closely with the Director of Cinematic to edit the videomatics. • Contributing to lighting and polish work. • Working with the cinematic team to make our story real. Job Type: Cinematic Arc Job Category: Art Organisation: Bungie Start Date: Further Note Given. Salary: $48,000