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Vincent Ward

Vincent Ward

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Vincent Ward

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  1. Vincent Ward

  2. Biography Vincent Ward is 56years old and was born on the 16th of February 1956. He was born in Greytown in the Wairarapa, New Zealand. He was educated at St Patrick’s College, Silverstream and after college he trained as an artist at the University of Canterbury and also studied at Ilam School of Fine Arts. He began writing and directing films at the age of 18. His two passions are film and painting. He has worked as an actor in LA, a screenwriter and has put out several books. He is currently living between New Zealand and Australia.

  3. How he got involved Ward says what made him start film making was “I had an idea which I thought would translate better on to film than into sculpture or painting, which at that time I was studying at the Ilam School of Fine Arts, Christchurch. It was through the use of their equipment that I was able to make A State of Siege and later In Spring One Plants Alone. He started off making short films and considers short films the ideal opportunity to learning the craft of film making and they also showcase talent. “Feature film production is a difficult industry to succeed in, yet short films are an achievable and fun way for anyone to get involved in film making,” says Vincent. “I come from the ‘falling on your face school of filmmaking’, and I think that rolling up your sleeves and actually doing film work means you find your own style. Short film explorations allow you to do this credibly with modest resources.”

  4. Filmography 1978 - A State of Siege (short film) director and writer) 1981 - In Spring One Plants Alone (short film) director, producer and writer) 1984 – Vigil (director and writer) 1988 – The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey (director and writer) 1992 – Alien 3 (Storywriter) 1993 – Map of the Human Heart (director, producer and writer) 1998 – What Dreams May Come (director) 2003 – The Last Samurai (executive producer) 2005 – River Queen (director and writer) 2008 – Rain of the Children (director, producer and writer)

  5. Awards and Recognition His films have earned critical acclaim and festival attention. “In Spring One Plants Alone” won the 1982 Grand Prix at Cinema du Reel (Paris), and a Silver Hugo at the Chicago Film Festival. “Vigil”,”The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey” and”Map of the Human Heart”were the first films by a New Zealander to be selected for the Cannes Film Festival. These films earned close to 30 national and international awards (including the Grand Prix at festivals in Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the United States). “The Navigator: A Medieval Odyssey” won major awards at both the Australian and New Zealand film industry awards. “What Dreams May Come” was nominated for two Academy Awards and won the Oscar for best visual effects in 1999. “Rain of the Children” won the Grand Prix at Era New Horizons Film Festival. The film was nominated fro awards and won at the Qantas Film and TV Awards in New Zealand. Vincent Ward was also nominated for best director at the Australian Directors Guild Awards for “Rain of the Children.”

  6. Favourite actors/actresses/cameraman/camerawoman Ward has used a huge variety of cameramen and camerawomen on his projects. It looks like he uses a different tech crew for all of his films with only a few people seen in multiple. Also a lot of his crew are men. Just like with his camera crew he uses many different actors and actresses. None of his film titles have the same main actors or actresses. One of the most famous actors that has been in a Vincent Ward film is Robin Williams.

  7. Preferred film style/film themes Most of the films that Vincent is involved in, whether it be directing, producing, writing or acting, are in the drama, action and adventure genre. However, he also mixes it up in a lot of his films with hints of romance, mystery, fantasy and thriller.

  8. Current film projects His last film was released in 2008 and he doesn’t have any films in the making at the moment. Ward is currently in the process of finding and searching for material for new film projects to create and present to NZ viewers in the future.

  9. The significance/impact of his film work or film contribution to New Zealand society I have never seen any of Ward’s films so they can’t have had an impact on me but many New Zealanders who have seen his films will notice that in films like “Vigil and “In Spring One Plants Alone” there is a lot of our stereotypical native scenery and culture. Many of Vincent Ward’s films are set in New Zealand, however, there are a number of them that are set over seas. This helps NZ viewers to see how a NZ director views these settings and how he can manipulate them to suit the situation that he wants. The fact that Ward has done films over seas brings other culture recognition to New Zealand’s viewers from the perspective of a Kiwi director. Wards films were the first NZ films selected for the Cannes Film Festival, so this helped put New Zealand on the map for film making.